Boys Like You

Tessa was a quiet girl who kept herself to herself.
But when her mom and dad split up, she is forced to move half way across the country.

And when the dangerous Justin Bieber sets his sights on her
- things go from bad, to worse.

With Justin's enemies after her, will she live to see tomorrow?


8. 7


     I tied my hair into a bun, letting a few strands fall in front of my face. I slipped on my black converse and jogged downstairs. I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by my aunt. She stood up walking over to me, wrapping her arms around my small frame. I reluctantly flung my arms around her, patting her back.


          "Look, I know you're going to his house. Just remember this one thing. He's dangerous; a criminal. A wanted one at that. Be careful. If you don't do anything else, just be careful. Please." She whispered pleadingly, her voice shaking just a little. She smiled a weak smile before patting my shoulder and releasing me. I broke away from the embrace and walked towards the door, grasping the cold knob, turning and twisting, and stepping out into the crisp Canadian air. I wrap my arms around my self for warmth as my converse hit the pavement repeatedly. I walk up the steps to his door, raising my fist, and bringing it down on the door. Knocking. The door almost immediately swings open and the smell of alcohol and drugs hit my nose. I stepped over the threshold, rubbing both sides of arms, intimidated. Boys were lounging all over the couches; drinks in their hands. Half-naked girls walked around, "entertaining' the men. Some people were smoking in the corner; drinks clutched in their hands as well. I looked around and stepped further into the house, searching for Jack. I bumped into a smelly male, instantly scrunching up my face.


                                     "Who are you looking for?" His voice reeked of beer and marijuana.


  "Uh, Jack? Does he live here?" I questioned him, looking around the room. The boy in front of me grinned, showing his yellow teeth.


                    "Oh, Jack is in the kitchen. Need help finding it?" He asked, sipping his beer and taking a long drag from his joint.


     "No thank you. I can find it just fine." I almost snapped, annoyed with his breath and smell. I walked away, fanning my face, trying to rid the horrid smell. I stumbled into the kitchen easily spotting Jack by the refrigerator. His back muscles contracting as he moved around the room. His chocolate eyes finally spotted my blue ones, and he features slightly changed as he smiled.

                                                    "About time you came. Did you get lost?" He joked, slinging an arm around me pulling me into his side. I shook my head, biting my lip.

      "No, just that you've got too many horny fucks out there. Its disgusting." I grimaced, my nose scrunching up. Jack laughed his infectious laugh, causing me to laugh with him as he poured me a glass of Vodka.


          I gladly accepted the drink, taking a rather large gulp, the liquid gliding down my throat. I made a face, sipping some more and doing the same until the liquid was gone from the cup.


                                                              Just then, my phone buzzed and I stepped away, pressing it to my ear.



      "Hello?" I answered, kicking the rocks outside.


"Tessa. Come to a party right now. Leave that Jack guy; he's dangerous."


            "Oh like you aren't. Don't tell me how to live my life, Justin." I spat, my tone laced with disgust.


                "Shut the fuck up and get over here. Now." His seethed into the phone.


"Why the fuck should I? I'm obviously busy." I angrily sighed into the device, throwing my hands up.


     "This is my last fucking time saying this. Get. Your. Ass. Over. Here. Right. Fucking. Now. There are consequences for people who disobey my commands, Tessa." I shivered at the way my name rolled off of his tongue.

                                                                                   "Over my fucking dead body, Justin." I halfway screeched into the phone. Getting angrier and angrier by the second.



                      "That can be arranged, Tessa." His words shocked me and I gasped. my mouth falling agape, my hand flying to my mouth. He just threatened me. I quickly ended the call, rushing back inside.


                 "Everything alright, Tessa?" Jack's smooth voice questioned, amusement in his eyes as if he knew what just happened.


                                                                                                        "I have to go. I'm sorry. You'll have to tell me another time alright? I truly apologize." I stammered, rushing out of the kitchen before he could talk. I ran through the living room and bypassing the drunken men and women. I threw open the front door and breathed a fresh breath of air. I started down the street to wherever the fuck this party was. I mean I didn't want to die. I found the destination and pushed open the door.


   Loud music pumped throughout the house, as people danced and grinded on each other. I stumbled around, the sweaty bodies pushing me around.


  That's when I spotted him. Surrounded by his group of friends, smoking as always. His brown eyes lifted up to my blue irises. He smirked walking over to me, towering over me.


              "Tessa, what a surprise. I'm glad you made the right choice. I thought you'd never come, Darlin'."




Hope you liked it!

I'll update soon!




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