You and I (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Nicole and Liam have been friends forever but when he leaves for the x-factor will they see each other again?


2. Liam

Nicole's POV

Its been 3 years since I've seen my best friend, Liam. He went off to try out for x-factor again and I haven't seen him since. He was put into a band called One Direction and obviously they have become very successful. I've known him since I was 2 years old. we were inseparable, we had to do everything together. but when he left, I knew I wouldn't be able to go with him. Liam has probably forgotten about me being his best friend, but I will always remember him being mine.


Liam's POV

One Direction is a huge success. if it wasn't for my best friend, Nicole, I wouldn't have auditioned the first time in 2008. I will never forget her. I cant wait for our year off, I would like to surprise her but what if she forgot about me?? " Liam, we have a problem!" I heard Louis yell." What did you do this time?" I said. They always do something and they need me to fix it. " Well actually its not what I did... its what management did. We don't have any where to stay. they didn't get us a hotel." Maybe Nicole would let us go stay there. "Give me a minute Lou. I may have a place we could stay." I told him. I went to my dressing room and got my phone. I still had her in my contacts so I decided to call her. The only problem was I don't know if its still her number. Well here goes nothing. "Hello?"

Nicoles POV

While listening to Ed Sheeran in my room, my phone went off. without looking I answered. "Hello?" I said "is this Nicole?" " yes, who is this?" what if its a stalker? I thought to  myself.  " don't recognize your best friends voice?"  The person on the other line said. is it Liam?!?! "Liam?!  how did you..." I was speechless " I never forgot it... um can you do me a favor and let me and the guys stay with you for a bit. we need somewhere to say because management forgot to book us a hotel?" " you mean... One Direction... stay at my house...?!" I didn't know what to say. " yeah, is that okay?" Liam said " um yeah. its just, Im kind of a fan kind of freaking out a little bit." I screamed. he started laughing. god I missed that laugh. "so im guessing that's a yes?" " yeah its fin. um quick question... when are you guys getting here?" "tomorrow around noon-ish. " "ok great. ill see you then bye!" "Bye." he hung up. oh my gosh, he still remembers.

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