My Bad Boy!!

Amelia is One Directions new clothing manager. Will she meet her bad boy? Or will she never find true love???


2. Chapter 2.

I got into work around 8:30 am, because the job starts at 9 am. I decided to take a look around, just to see where I'd be working for the next few weeks. 'Wow, this is a really ni-' Ouch. I looked up to see a boy with jet black hair staring down at me with wide eyes. 'oh my gosh. I am soooo sorry. Here let me help you get up.' As soon as he said that, I yanked my arm away from his grasp. 'No thank you.' DANG where did that come from?? 'Im Zayn by the way.' he said with a smirk and a wink. 'and I'm not-falling-for-your-flirty-tricks.' I said with sass all over the place. I looked into his eyes as he helped me pick up belongings from my purse, he looked very discouraged. Gosh this guy is so stuck up, I mean I'm not going to be some girl he can just use for fun, then toss on the street like a piece of garbage. And I know guys like him, and sadly I have to say, I'm used to guys like that. 


I was about 15, when Josh, a guy in my adv. algebra class asked me out. We went out until senior year, everyone called us the POWER couple. Because he was the star of the football team, I was the head cheerleader, so I guess you could say its meant to be. Well what the people didn't know was that in junior year, josh got more aggressive. At first it was just him going to parties, getting a little bit drunk, having to stay at my house. But then, it got more physical. It seemed every weekend, he was partying till dawn, getting drunk as could be. That's when the abuse started. He'd come over to my house and slap me, punch me, kick me, you name it, he'd do it to me. One night, he was sober, so then one thing lead to another and we were ... Ya know. So after we got done. He said "that was the best time of my life Olivia. That's when  I had enough I broke up withhim and haven't seen him since.  But I think he went to jail. *PRESENT TIME*

'so I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a job to get to.'



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