The Styles Brothers

" Are you ok" I ask him and hand him his glasses. " oh I -I'm. yes I am fine, thank you." he he stuttered. " I'm Malia. Malia Payne. what is your name?" I asked him. "Marcel. Marcel styles." he says smiling. He has blue- green eyes and dimples on both sides. I had to admit he is cute." I'm new here can you show me to the office please." I ask. He nods and starts walking in the direction of the office. When we get there there are two boys with curly hair. One with a lot of tattoos and one with a few. They turn around and they look alike so they must be brothers or maybe twins. " oh hey Harry, Edward. This is Malia, she is new here." Marcel says. You look at him then back to Edward and Harry and they all look alike. Then you realize something. They're triplets!!!!


8. take action part 1

Malia's P.O.V.

I finished the last of my make up and grabbed my shoes and put them on. I m finally finished. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't have any bracelets on so I went to go find one. I was looking through my jewelry box when I saw the bracelet my real mom gave me before I was sent to my foster home. I put on the bracelet and started to cry a little. thank god for water proof makeup.

"hey Lia, you ready yet?" Ed asked. "Yeah." I yelled back to him. I grabbed my phone and I left my room and walked down the stairs. the only people here were Liam, Ed and, Niall. They all had wide eyes. I laughed a little. I saw Ed's eyes travel up and down my body making me a little self conscious. " Y-you look amazing babe." Ed said. I blushed and kissed his cheek. Marcel and Harry were going to meet us there. " Lets go Party." Liam said happily. ( )

Niall's P.O.V.

where did she get that bracelet? My mom got my sister the same exact one. I will have to talk to her about it later.

We walked out to the car and we got in. Malia and Ed sat in the front and Liam and me sat in the back. Once we got there we were let straight in because Malia apparently knew the bouncer. The smell of alcohol filled my nose. Liam grabbed my hand sending shivers through out my body.  He dragged  me to the back and got a drink. He handed it to me, "Hey why aren't you drinking?" I asked. " I don't like to." He said looking everywhere but me. He was Lying and he is very bad at it. " I will tell you later ok. but for now we can do this." He pressed his lips to mine. I was waiting for this moment since I saw him.

Malia's P.O.V.

I dragged Ed  to the front where the DJ was. I climbed onto the stage and stood next to him. "Hey josh hows it going." I said. he turned towards me with wide eyes. " Hey Lia. Haven't seen you in forever." He said giving me a hug. I heard a cough behind me. "Oh josh this is my boyfriend Ed. Ed this is my best friend Josh." I said. e and Josh talked for  couple minutes and I thought it would be a good Idea to say bye to Josh so Ed doesn't fell left out. I said bye to Josh and climbed off the stage. I felt my phone buzz in my purse. I pulled it out. t was a text from Harry.

H- Hey me and Marcel can't get in. are you in already.?

M-   I am already in. Tell the bouncer you know Li Li and He should let you in. If he doesn't call me. If you get in we are by the bar.

I sent the text and closed my phone.

"Who was that?" Ed asked handing me a drink.

"Harry. he can't get in." I said taking a sip of my drink.

I felt my phone buzz again. it was Harry.

"what's the problem?" I asked. "He still won't et us in." He said clearly annoyed. I took the phone off my ear and turned to Ed. "I will be right back. Randy won't let them in." I said. I walked to the front of the club and saw Harry, Marcel, and that skank Amanda. Why was she even here. When Harry saw me his Eyes went wide. I looked at Marcel and his eyes were big as well. Amanda just stood there with her arms crossed. "Hey Randy." I said smiling. "Hey Li, These people keep saying that they know you. Is that true?" He asked. "Oh yeah. I know them." I said smiling innocently. " That girl is banned from this club because of the way she dresses." I whispered in Randy's ear. " But I thought you wouldn't do that because of what happened last time." He whispered back. I shivered at the thought. " Ok fine. The reason I don't want her here is she runs everything. I hate her. I don't know who she is anymore." I said.  He nodded and moved the velvet rope and let Harry and Marcel through but stopped at Amanda. "Hey I am with that group." She said crossing her arms. " I'm sorry. you are banned from this club. I will have to ask you to leave." Randy said. She looked at me for help and I just looked at her weird. I couldn't keep the smile off my face when she begged the two guards who were dragging her away to let her stay.

 I grabbed the boys hands and brought them into the club. I brought them over to the bar where Ed was and  and gave them a drink. "Hey how did you get us in." Harry asked. I shrugged "I own this club." I said. "seriously?" They said at once. it was funny actually because Harry, Marcel, and Ed are triplets and they said it at once. never mind " Yes. Me and Li own this place. The bouncer is Liam's uncle and the DJ is my best friend Josh, the bartender I hired and the entertainment is karaoke on Fridays. like today. so I always start first but after that its open mike night." I said enthusiastically. They stared at me in awe. I looked at my watch and it was 11:00. " Well I have to get up there now. maybe you guys can sing after me." I said making a puppy dog face. They nodded there heads and walked with me to the stage.


We climbed up there and I went over to Josh. "Hey. My friends are going to sing after me. ok." He nodded and I walked over to them. " what song do you want to sing?" I asked them. "Um, me and the boys wrote a song so we could sing that. Do you have a guitar?" Harry said. I pointed to the guitars back stage. I saw Liam coming up here with Niall behind him. " Hey. you ready?" I asked Liam. He nodded and walked over to talk to Josh. "Hey Niall. Hows you and Liam going." I asked. He shrugged and walked away. What happened.






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