The Styles Brothers

" Are you ok" I ask him and hand him his glasses. " oh I -I'm. yes I am fine, thank you." he he stuttered. " I'm Malia. Malia Payne. what is your name?" I asked him. "Marcel. Marcel styles." he says smiling. He has blue- green eyes and dimples on both sides. I had to admit he is cute." I'm new here can you show me to the office please." I ask. He nods and starts walking in the direction of the office. When we get there there are two boys with curly hair. One with a lot of tattoos and one with a few. They turn around and they look alike so they must be brothers or maybe twins. " oh hey Harry, Edward. This is Malia, she is new here." Marcel says. You look at him then back to Edward and Harry and they all look alike. Then you realize something. They're triplets!!!!


11. Still here

Malia's P.O.V.

It has been a month. I haven't seen or heard form my brother or Ed in a month. I really miss him. I was let out of the basement a couple weeks ago and put into an actual room. Jake told me that he was blackmailed to kidnap me. He really didn't want to do it but his life was at risk. The more I got to know him the more I started to like him. He is very sweet. I know I'm not supposed to but hey he's hot.

In the past month I had cut my hair,  temporarily died it brown, and gotten two tattoos( they are small. don't freak out). I am thinking about getting my lip pierced. yeah I think I'm going to do it. Me and Jake are supposed to go to the mall today to hang out.  I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I said the door opened to reveal Josh. "Hey, you ready?" He asked me . I nodded and we walked out of the house.

We walked to the mall since it was fairly close to here and dragged Jake to the food court. Hey I like food! Jake left to go somewhere so  I got a burger and was about to take a bite when I saw Liam a few tables next to me. He looked up at me and smiled. He doesn't recognize me. I smiled and waved him over. He got up and sat across from me. " Hey." He said I waved. " What is your name?" He asked taking a bite of his burger. I don't know if I should tell him. He would freak out. I need to tell him. "Lia." I said. He looked up at me and dropped his burger. "Lia?" he whispered. I nodded and hugged him. " You need to come home with me right now." He said and started to stand up but I pushed him back down. " Li I can't. I have to stay." I said. wait. I can just tell Jake that I am going to see a friend. He would let me go. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Jake.


I am going to visit a friend. I will see you back at the house in a couple hours or so. Or could I stay over?

He sent a text back soon after I sent it.


Ok. you can spend the night just don't tell anyone about me ok? you have to come straight back in the morning.

I sent a text saying I will and put my phone away. Liam looked at me and hugged me. "I really did miss you Lia." He said. " I know Liam. I have to know one thing though. How Is Niall?" I said. His eyes seemed to light up at the mention of Niall's name. "He really really really misses you. He was broken when he found out you were gone." He said. I nodded and we walked to where Liam parked. I got into the passenger side and he drove off.

We reached the house we walked to the door. "Um Lia, Ed hasn't been the same since you were taken. I don't know how he will respond to you." He said in a warning tone. I nodded and opened the door. I walked into the living room where I heard the T.V. playing. Harry, Marcel, and Ed, were sitting on the couch. Niall was sitting in in the other couch by himself. He saw me and almost made a noise but I silenced him. I walked behind Ed and covered his eyes.

Marcel and Harry turned around shocked but saw me and their mouths dropped. Ed was freaking out because he couldn't see so I took my hands off and he turned around and he was mad but when he saw me his anger turned to joy. " LIA!!" he yelled and hopped over the couch and gave me a hug. " I am so glad you are back! I missed you." He said and kissed me softly. I kissed him back but pulled away when I heard gagging. I looked around until I saw Amanda standing there. I looked at Marcel. "What the fuck is she doing in my house?" I asked him.

" my GIRLFRIEND is here watching a movie with me." He said and smirked. they are dating.  my heart is literally a pile of broken glass now. It was shattered. I nodded and turned to walk to my room. "Hey Lia can I talk to you?" I heard someone say. I turned around and Niall was standing behind me. I nodded and took him up to my room. I walked into my room an sat on the bed. Niall walked in and looked around. I smirked a little at how astonished he was. does he know I'm Irish? "Did you not know I'm Irish?" I asked him. he looked at me and chuckled a little " I know now." He said still looking around. He looked at me with a serious face. He looked at my bracelet and then back up at me. "Lia can I ask you a question?" He asked. I nodded and let him continue. " Where did you get that bracelet?" I paused.

" Um my biological m-mom gave it to me." I said. he looked at me wide eyed. "What was your moms name?" He asked. I shrugged. " I had a sister that has the same exact bracelet. When is your birthday?" He said. "September 13." I said. " That is my birthday. what did you do on your eighth birthday?". That was the best birthday of all of them.

" It was the day my parents said they had to give me up. I really don't know why they did but one of my brothers took my down to the lake we used to hang out at. We were messing around when he pushed me in and  I pulled him in with me. We spent the whole day playing." I paused remembering the day. " He said to me that he would find me again and he would always remember me. He gave me a charm necklace before I left." I said. Niall hugged me and let me cry into his shirt. I fell bad for messing up his shirt. " Hey Lia, can I see that necklace?"

I nodded and got up and went to me desk. once I found it I showed it to Niall. He went wide eyed and stood up. " Lia your my sister." He said. what? This is crazy. Well it does explain why I look kind of like him. and our shared birthdays. I can't say anything but all I do is nod. " We can tell them later but for now lets just go back down." I nodded again and followed him downstairs. I can't believe that I got my brother back.


DRAMA!!! Ok who else thought Niall and Lia would be related. STAY AWESOME!!

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