The Styles Brothers

" Are you ok" I ask him and hand him his glasses. " oh I -I'm. yes I am fine, thank you." he he stuttered. " I'm Malia. Malia Payne. what is your name?" I asked him. "Marcel. Marcel styles." he says smiling. He has blue- green eyes and dimples on both sides. I had to admit he is cute." I'm new here can you show me to the office please." I ask. He nods and starts walking in the direction of the office. When we get there there are two boys with curly hair. One with a lot of tattoos and one with a few. They turn around and they look alike so they must be brothers or maybe twins. " oh hey Harry, Edward. This is Malia, she is new here." Marcel says. You look at him then back to Edward and Harry and they all look alike. Then you realize something. They're triplets!!!!


2. Home at last

Malia's P.O.V.

After school I was supposed to get on a bus. I think bus number 12. Where the hell is Liam? oh, here it comes. I guess Liam's walking home. I got on the bus and sat in the back. Then one of Marcel's brothers got on the bus. Then the other and they sat next to each other. Then Marcel got on the bus. He as the Last one on and everyone looked at him with disgust. I waved him back here. When he saw me his beautiful eyes brightened. He sat next to me and everyone looked at us. Then they turned around and started talking.

"Hi." I said to him smiling. "Hi." he said giving me one of his amazing smiles. I think I like him. I really do. The bus stopped and the doors opened. " Well this s my stop. See you tomorrow." Marcel said. I looked up and saw my house in the distance. I got up and followed his off the bus. He turned around and saw me. " Are you following me?" he asked completely serious. I burst out laughing. " What?" he said. I shook my head and tried to control my laughter. " No. My house is right there." I said pointing to it. " Really. My house is a couple houses down." he says excited. I giggled. " Cool my awesome friend lives near me. He has green-blue eyes,  Dimples, and a beautiful smile. He is also really cute. Want to know his name?" I said smirking. He nodded all excited. I knew that he thought it is him. " It's Chris. That really hot guy from Music class. Oh when he played that guitar. I don't even think I should say but DAMN." I said being dramatic. I looked over to Marcel and boy did he look crushed. " Oh really." he said not making eye contact with me. " Oh hell no. There was someone WAY hotter in that class." I said looking at him being very obvious. " It was you." I said walking away. I looked back to see him staring at me. I winked at him and walked home. where did all of that come from. oh god. I walked inside and climbed the stairs to my room. wait is Liam here. "Liam are you home?" I yelled. I didn't expect an answer but I heard noise coming from his room so I guess he was in there. I walked next door to his room and knocked on the door. " Liam I need to talk to you." I said through the door. The noise stopped and Liam opened the door. "Can I talk to you please?" I asked him. He nodded and let me in. I sat on his bed and he sat next to me. "Li, why don't you talk to me anymore? I miss my brother who would always tell me everything. Where is that Liam. I miss you." I said with tears making their way down my face. " Lia I have something to tell you." Liam said. I nodded waiting for him to continue. " Do you remember Jake from (State farm lol) our old school?" I nodded again. He told me he was gay and he liked Liam. I was ok with that. I  thought it was cute to be honest. " Well. the day we were moving I went over to is house to say goodbye and I um. I kissed him. I liked it. I am gay Lia." he said tears welling up in his big brown eyes. "Why are you upset over that Li. I don't care if you are Gay, Bi, or straight. As long as you are happy I am happy. " I said kissing his cheek. " That is why I stopped talking to you I was scared to tell you." he looked ashamed. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big hug. " There is also this boy in my music class that I think is cute. But I think he is straight." I looked up at him. " Just go talk to him Li." then the door bell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door to see....

A/n not much of a cliff hanger but whatever



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