Jessie is a 17 year old girl who lives in Florida in the USA. She lives with her happily married parents. One day as she is walking down the street to buy milk. Someone takes her in puts her in a van. She gets whacked in the head leaving her unconscious. When she wakes up she cant believe who her kidnappers are!


3. Breakfast Fight

" Hi guys" I said to the other boys. " Niall and Liam replied with 'hey love' smiling but Louis said, " Oh look the bitch is awake" " Excuse me but why the fuck did you just call me that?" " None of your buisness "

I really didnt like Louis now, before I met them Louis was my favourite but I guess they are different to the people we see in the magazines. " Dont worry about him, hes just had alot of bad stuff going on at the moment." Zayn said while putting his hand on my shoulder. " Lets eat" Niall cheered loudly. I smiled. We all sat down. I wanted the salt and it was next to Louis. I decided to have some fun. " Louis babe can you please pass the salt?" I said and batted my eyelashes. I could tell he really wanted to pass it over but he tried his best to refuse. " You have arms use them" " Okay Louis" I reached over, picked up the salt, slapped him in the face and shook the salt shaker so salt went all in his hair. " Thats what you get for calling me bitch honey" I smiled at him. He just grouned and ran to the bathroom.

Louis' P.O.V

I ran the shower and washed my hair out. Man she got a lot of salt in my hair. I was plotting on ways to get her back. I think I like her but she thinks I'm a dick. Great job louis.. I mentally slapped myself. I got out of the shower and ran upstairs

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