One Aff(x)ion

When Niall meets Zayn's sister and falls for her, how will the two's career's affect their relationship? Will they be able to make it as a couple, or will her career prove to be more important?

Mature Content for Language and implied stuff (because honestly, who can control Harry and Louis?)


1. The Girl at the Bar, Secrets Revealed, and Snogging on the Sofa

Justus's P.o.V.


It was late on a Friday night and about five hours since I had performed with the girls. f(x) was on the rise, with thousands of fans just in the L.A. Area. I needed a drink. Pure and simple. I could hop on the plane to Seoul tomorrow evening but I needed a drink and I needed it NOW.


Nobody would recognize me that much I made certain of. Tonight I was not Justus of f(x). Tonight I was Justus the girl at the bar.


"What'll ya be havin'?" The bartender's gruff voice broke me out of my thoughts.


"Double Scotch Single Malt please." I answered, thankful that I hadn't caught that stupid (or as Krystal said 'Stoopiid') accent that made words weird.


The bartender went to the other end, where he had been flagged down by a handsome looking Blonde. He shot me a flirty wink before swigging off his beer. He looked familiar, probably another celebrity going incognito to get away from the fame and have some drinks and flirt.


I watched as he said something to his friends, three brunettes, one with short tame hair, one with short spiky hair and one with long curly hair. The curly haired one leaned into short spiky guy and they said something.


Whatever had been said must have encouraged the blonde, because he got up and walked over, a light Irish gleam in his eye and the old Irish bounce in his step. He looked so damn familiar but I just COULDN'T force my brain to recall where I'd seen him from.


He was holding his beer bottle by the neck of the bottle, slowly swinging his arms, forward, back, forward, back. It took him all of twenty of his long strides to get to the empty seat next to me at the bar top.


"Is this seat open?" He asked his deep voice and Irish accent making me do a double check in my mind. Nope Nada. I can't remember who he is.


"Well that depends..." I said, trailing off a little teasingly.




"On whether or not you want to have a drink with me."


He slide onto the bar stool, the rectangular seat making him navigate his long lanky legs so that he could sit comfortably and not all wrapped around the chair legs.


"Niall" He said, offering a hand for a hand shake.


"Justus" I said, reaching out and giving him a firm handshake.


His hands where incredibly soft, making me almost not let go when he did.


"So ya come here a lot?" He asked, almost the typical first question.


"No.... I'm on t- a business trip. I live overseas." I said, mentally beating myself up for almost blowing my cover.


"Oh yeah? Where at overseas?"


"South Korea"


"Along ways from home for business."


"And what about you? Does L.A. really have this many good looking men just wondering around bars?"


He chuckled before he answered, "No. I'm here with my friends, we're from England. We're on business also." He said.


"Oh yeah? What kind of business if you don't mind me asking?"


"Promise not to tell?" He asks while leaning in close.


"Of Course." I said leaning in as well.


"I'm in a band. We're doing a tour here in America." He said, exhaling lightly, causing goose bumps to run over my skin from his warm breath.


"Oh...." I started before it clicked in my brain. His name is Niall, he's Irish but he lives in England, he's in a band, he's with a dead ringer for.....


"Oh!" I said, jumping slightly.


"You okay?" He asked, his concern mixing with his accent, making the words hard to understand.


"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine." I said quickly, to quickly I judged by the look in his eyes.


"You look like you saw a ghost." His voice back to normal, with the normal accent, making him sound cute.


"I just thought I recognized someone. It wasn't them."


All I got to answer that was a thoughtful 'hmm'. By this time he had flicked his wrist up to catch the bartender's attention. He asked for our bills, stating, a small argument, that he would pay. I had only half finished my Scotch.


"So. Are your friends dating?" I asked, my curiosity evoked by the two, the curly haired one and the spiky one.


"Harry and Louis? Yeah they are." He said both of our eyes flicking up to see Harry and Louis sneak a quick Kiss while the third wasn't looking.


Harry and LOUIS?


"So what do you say to dancing with me?" Niall asked, his beautiful blue eyes shining with excitement that seemed to appear from nowhere.


"Sounds like fun. IF you can keep up that is." I challenged, sliding off of my stool and heading for the semi-empty dance floor.


His hand snaked into mine as he pulled me close for the start of a slow dance. We spun silently in circles, his large warm hands on the small of my back and mine wrapped around his neck. As we spun around, the song slowed and died, the new song starting.


'Ladies and Gentlemen.' Oh I'm in luck, the 1, 2 Step.


I pulled lightly away and started up a new dance, one that was appropriate for the song that was playing.


Niall's hands were now located on my hips, his body close to mine so I could feel the heat radiating off of him.


We continued dancing together through three songs before a song that made me cringe came on. Shadow, the song I had just finished performing only five hours prior. By nature I couldn’t help but sing along


"Justus? Of f(x)?" He asked, looking at me kind of astonished.


"Yeah" I said, rubbing the back of my neck, "Listen, I have a flight tomm-"


Niall's lips pressed against mine roughly. His lips were so soft, his hands slowly finding their spots at the small of my back and the back of my neck.


"Let's get out of here" he whispered to me.


I shuddered and my eyes met his, which displayed his emotions, lust, a smidgen of hurt, and some emotion that stood undeterminable.


"Okay." I whispered softly into his lips, watching Harry, Louis and Who I guessed to be Liam straighten up and watch us.


Niall's P.o.V.


I glanced over to where Justus was watching, seeing the guys watching us and having a small conversation. Probably gambling on me if I get.... lucky, I thought wistfully to myself, I knew I shouldn't have brought them. This is a celebrity bar. Justus had thrown me off for the first ten minutes she had been here. Then I started to recognize her, the way she gestured when ordering, what she ordered in particular, the way she was playing with one of her earrings while watching me intently.


So I had went over and talked with her. That just made my suspicions a little more clear. She's a K-pop singer no doubt. I wondered if I had by chance stumbled across my crush, Justus. Shut up Niall, you don't even know her. You can't have a crush on someone you don't know, Liam's words echoed in my brain.


Then Shadow came on and she sang it perfectly. It all came together and then it hit me that this was indeed my crush; indeed it was Justus of f(x) the girl who had some connection to Zayn.


"Let's get out of here." I caught myself whispering to her.


"Okay." She whispered back, her lips brushing against mine softly.


She stepped back a little and watched me expectantly. Ah how I wished I hadn’t volunteered to be the Designated Driver. I thought, yet again, uncharacteristically, wistfully.


I gently took her hand, the way her soft palm touched mine, and the way she hung on lightly both driving me insane. The buzz from the alcohol was wearing off, however, much to my pleasure.


I led her gently out of the bar, into the parking lot, to the shiny Mercedes that I rented from the dealership. I let go of her palm, and opened the door for her to get in. After she did, I gently closed the door and got in on the other side.


"Nice car." She commented.


"Rental" I said.


"Well still, nice car."


We sat in quiet for a few minutes while I tried to find a question to ask that didn't involve her and f(x).


"So you’re in One Direction eh? How's Zayn doing?" She asked nonchalantly.


I jumped a little, before refocusing on the road. "He's doing okay."


"Did you not want me to ask?" She asked looking at me with the cutest look of confusion I have ever seen.


"No no, it's fine. I just was wondering how you knew Zayn?" I said, turning the end of my statement into a question.


"Well..... He's my big brother." She said.


I flicked my turn signal on and pulled into an alley.


"Your WHAT?" I asked, my voice rising in pitch to match my disbelief.


"Relax, relax Niall." She said, "My parents died in a car crash and his parents adopted me. Then I got scouted for f(x) and did seven years of training before I debuted."


"Oh. I'm so sorry I didn't know." I said, mentally kicking myself for freaking out.


"Its fine, you wouldn't have. Known I mean. Zayn and I don't publicize the fact that he is my brother." She explained.


I went to switch out of park when she leaned in and kissed my cheek. I turned and kissed her back, with a passion, as my mind seared ahead, showing me my fantasies of her underneath me in MY bed, calling out MY name.


She pulled away.


"I.... I can't Niall." She said.


"Why not? Why can't we have a little fun?"


"Because I'm not that kind of girl. I don't hook up with people from bars and go and have sex with them."


Well that was a slap to the face.


~ Justus's P.o.V


He looked hurt. He really did.


"Can you just please take me to Zayn?" I asked, feeling guilty about leading him on, guilty for misinterpreting him.


He put the car in drive and pulled out of the other end of the alley.


"Look, I'm sorry Niall...” I started before he cut me off with a brisk, 'It's fine'


Liar I hissed in my mind. We drove past streets and streets before arriving at the hotel. One Direction and f(x) staying at the same hotel eh? Bad news.


I looked at the crowd of fans, some singing One Direction songs, others singing f(x) songs.


'Interesting' was all he said.


He pulled to a stop and we got out.


"JUSTUS!!" The crowd roared before spotting who I was with.




Niall gently took my hand, causing the crowd to roar. He quickly brought it up to his lips and kissed it. More roaring fans.


He led me into the hotel, holding me by my hand, before a blur of furiously pissed off Zayn knocked him off his feet, and the air out of him.


"What. Are. You. Doing. With. My." Zayn roared, before I could get my hand over his mouth as I hung onto his back, struggling and using all of my 135 pounds to hold him back.


"Zayn. ZAYN! Calm down!" I shouted in his ear before adding "You're making a scene." in a softer, more loving tone.


He got off of Niall, before spinning and walking down the hall with me hanging off his back still, the hand that had been over his mouth now joined with the other one on his shoulders as I hung on for dear life.


We got to his room before he gently shrugged out of my hold.


"Are you okay?" He asked, holding me by my shoulders as he looked me over making sure I wasn't hiding any hurts.


"Yes Zayn, I'm fine, truly and honestly fine."


"What were you doing with him? Why him? What's going on between you two?" He asked, his voice rising slightly.


Before I could answer, Danger started playing on my phone. "Hang on I have to take this." I said, hoping he'd understand.


"Yeah?" I asked into the phone before Krystal and the other four started talking all at the same time,


"Come back to the room!" Victoria demanded in Chinese.


"You and NIALL are a thing?" Sulli said in Korean.


"Where are you?" Krystal asked in English at the same time Victoria barked it in Chinese.


"Why where you with Niall of One Direction?" Luna asked in Korean.


"Why is he banging on our door?" Amber asked in English.


"Shit" I hissed, "just tell him that I'm with Zayn. He'll get it."


"Do I need to lay him out for you?" That was the Amber that I was used to.


"No! Just tell him I'm with Zayn." I said before hanging up.


Zayn lifted an eyebrow at me. I realized that he was waiting for answers.


"I met him at a bar, didn't realize it was him so we talked and then danced, because he was the one that came over to me. Nothing happened! We just danced." I said.


He crossed his arms over his chest.


"Okay fine, so he probably wanted to bring me home to..... ya know, but I told him I'm not like that and he left it alone."


Zayn lunged for the door, right as I pounced on him.


"No, you do not get to beat the shit out of him. He was respectful of the line I drew."


"Then why do you smell like him? Like you two were pressed up..."


I slapped him.


"ZAYN MALIK! Do you really think I'm some slut that has sex with a random guy from the bar? I told you, we were dancing!" I said, struggling to keep from shrieking at him.


He didn't get a chance at answering because the door crashed open and Louis and Harry backed in making out.


"Dude!" Was all the warning they got before Zayn threw a shoe at them.


"Hey!" They both said together, jumping apart.


"Keep your clothes on. There's a lady present." Zayn said before the door flew open again and Niall came striding in, looking at Zayn furiously. Zayn lightly pushed me behind him.


"Really Malik? You couldn't have warned me?" He shouted before grabbing Zayn by the front of his shirt.


"Hey! Hey! HEY!" I shouted.


Harry and Louis both reached out, trying to separate the two, both ending up getting laid out by the punches the boys threw.


"Hey!" I roared, stepping in between them, catching one of Niall's punches with one hand and one of Zayn's with the other.


I smacked them both on the chest, "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"


Zayn watched as Niall gently wrapped his arms around me before turning and leaving.


"What the fuck was that about?" Liam said, leaning off of the door frame.


"Close the door." Harry, Zayn and I said together.


Liam closed the door and wandered in.


"Niall was thinking that he was gonna get some" Harry started.


"From my sister." Zayn growled.


"And I explained that I wasn't that kind of girl." I finished.


"YOU GUYS ARE RELATED?" Liam and Louis shouted.


"Shuddup!" I hissed smacking the two.


"Yes. We are."


"Awesome!" Was all the warning I got before Harry picked me up, hugging me and swinging me around in circles, "I always wanted a celebrity sister!"


"Put me down!" I whispered, the fog from the alcohol made me feel queasy and I REALLY didn't want to vomit on Harry.


I was transferred between arms, being carried to the bathroom by Zayn. He sat me down on the cool tile floor, gathering up my hair in case I vomited.


Nothing came up so I tried to stand, wobbling like a child, before Zayn picked me up AGAIN.


"Seriously?" I asked, looking up at Zayn with a raised eyebrow.




He gently set me down on his bed, pulling the blankets up around me, before using my phone to call Victoria and let her know where I was. I slowly drifted off to sleep as he slid in bed next to me and hummed a song softly in my ear.


€ Harry's P.o.V. €


"Babe, take it off." Louis said in a husky voice, nibbling and kissing my stomach.


I however was of in La-La-land. This apparently was obvious because Louis snapped the elastic band on my boxers.


"Ow!" I whined.


"I said, take it off Babe."


I sat up and gave him a light shove, "Come on, seriously?"


"Seriously." He said before de-boxer-ing me with his teeth.


"Guys, we need to OHMIGODMYEYES!" Niall shouted after bursting into our room unannounced.


"Well? We need to?" I asked for the both of us, seeing as Louis still kissing my stomach.


"I'll just wait until later."


"Shut the door on your way out."


I watched him gag and turn red as he stumbled out of the door. Louis continued nibbling and kissing his way back up to my lips, initiating a very hot and passionate kiss.


~Justus's P.o.V


My eyes shot open. Someone was holding me to their body. I groaned at the pounding headache I had. The person behind me shifted his weight.


"Good morning, Miss Hangover!" Zayn said, chuckling.


"I am not hung over. I had HALF of a frickin Scotch." I snarled.


"Wow sis, HALF? You pushover! I thought you almost barfed on Harry last night." He said, crawling out of bed after ruffling my hair.


"Because he was swinging me around!" I said after him.


Knowing Zayn, he was going to get a coke and a bag of HARIBO Gold Bears, the only thing I would eat after drinking. So I staggered my way out of bed and into the bathroom. Harry was brushing his teeth with a towel draped over his hips and Louis had tied one towel around his hips and was now rubbing a bright pink hickey on his shoulder, matching the one on the slope of Harry's neck.


"Well somebody had a little fun last night." I said, kissing Harry on his wet forehead and bro fisting Louis.


"We scared the shit out of Niall. Bet he never barges into a room without knocking first again." Louis said while Harry nodded and spit out the toothpaste in his mouth.


"It's what he gets."


I giggled and wondered out of the bathroom. And right into Niall's arms. Apparently with enough force to make his breath leave him with an oof.


"Morning." I said


"Morning." He said brushing his lips on my forehead.


I was about to tilt my head up and deepen the kiss when Zayn cleared his throat. We jumped apart and I gave Zayn a hug.


"Thank you thank you thank you!" I said to him, taking the Gummy bears and the Cola.


"You're welcome." He said before making a move to go around me.


"Ah you don't wanna go in the bathroom." I said.




"In their defense, they were just getting out of the shower."




I wandered into the living room. This hotel Suite was HUGE. Just like the one the girl's and I were staying in. I groaned, the girls!


Patting my pockets I started to worry. Where was my phone?


"Sis, I used it to call Victoria. It's right here." He said, handing me my LG Chocolate.


"Thanks." Well that takes care of calling them.


Zayn wondered off and Harry came out of his and Louis's room, flinging himself on the couch, which he patted to get me to come sit with him.


I obliged, sitting by him, which made me into a pillow after about five seconds.


"Seriously?" Liam asked, "This is why you SLEEP at night Harry."


"Shut up!" Harry said, lobbing a couch cushion at Liam's head.


Liam chuckled and caught the pillow, "Just figured I'd throw that out there mate."


He tossed the pillow back at Harry's stomach, which caused Harry to explode off of my lap in a blur of curls.


"You Bloke! Get your ass back here!" Harry snarled as he hurled himself out of the door.


I shook my head and reached for the Haribo's. A big hand bumped into mine, making me drop the bag.


"Oops. Sorry."


I looked up into Louis’ shining green eyes. I reclaimed the bag and pulled it open.


“It’s fine.”


“Do I get one?” He asked.




We leaped off the couch. We had been too close.


“Ah, sorry.”


“For what? Nothing happened….”


“For getting so close.”


“It’s fine.”


He left. Goddamnit! I thought to myself, why is it that you keep making the guys leave?


“So I take it that this seat is open?” Niall’s voice bringing me back to reality.


“You would be correct mister.” I said, smiling up at him.


He sat next to me and stole a gummy bear jokingly.


“Aw Hell No.” I said, pretending to be angry.


I threw a handful of gummy bears at him, most of them bouncing off. He picked them up and threw them right back at me. We continued throwing them at each other until he playfully pinned me to the couch, his left hand bracing himself, his right holding my wrists together above my head, with one knee in between my legs and the other leg straightened out so he was kneeling with one knee and standing with the other.


“I win.” He said, his lips brushing my cheeks as he spoke.


“Oh yeah?” I asked.


“Mmhmm.” He gloated.


I leaned up and kissed him, putting all my passion into it, hoping that he would be distracted, which he was. As he started to move to bring us closer together, I pushed him off balance and sat on his chest.


“I win.” I gloated, before kissing him again.


“Oh! How cute!” Victoria’s thick Chinese accent played with the words, causing me to turn my head and break the kiss.


I raised a thin eyebrow at her, then at the three girls peeking over her shoulder in the doorway.


“Well come in.” I said in Chinese.


“We came to bring you back so you could pack.” Sulli said in Korean.


Zayn peeked in the other doorway, seeing me straddling Niall’s chest and the pack of girls in the doorway.


“안녕하세요!” Zayn said.


“Since when do you speak Korean?” I asked in English, eyeing poor Niall who looked completely confused.


“Since my sister left for training.” He said, still speaking in Korean.


“Show off!” I said, lobbing a couch pillow at his head.


Zayn dodged the pillow chuckling.


“So come on!” Krystal said, “You need to repack so we can go!”


“I’m having family time. Go pester someone else.”


“In all honesty,” Harry started, peeking around Zayn, “It looks like your snogging Niall more than having family time.”


I got off of Niall, brushing off gummy bears, “Fine. I’ll come pack. Call me later Zayn?”




I left to go pack with the girls.



Author’s Note: Okay! So we have the first chapter. Kind of a short chapter in my opinion, but it seemed to be a good time to end the chapter. So this is a One Aff(x)ion story. This means pairings between members of f(x) and One Direction. Mainly going to be Juill. But there will be some other shippings for me to play with.


Korean Lesson: 안녕하세요 is Korean for Hello. It is pronounced ann-yo-han-sang-yo.


Author’s Note 2: I don’t really speak Chinese or very much Korean so as much as I hate doing this, all of the dialogue (except for the one hello) will be written in English, while the characters (if it were read) would be saying it in whatever language. I truly hate doing this but I don’t speak either language or know how to type words in either language.


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