all about me

hi Im lucy. call me lu luce or whatever. well Im 11. and well this is about me and my life.

1. me

  well Im lucy. top 10 most important things about me. 

1. i swim and im good

2. Im single

3. i love country muic

4. i want to be a director 

5. my bffs r sarah and rhea 

6. i can ski

7. i aslo play lacroose 

8. last i play soccor 

9. my bday is feb 2 2002 

10. i love to write 

now you know some about me. i will try to update a lot. okay so im getting ready for a trip to florida. i leave on wed. im keeping a video diary of that trip and well i have alredy started.i can be such a nerd. how? i love minecraft writeing youtoube and sims. i also got into honnors violin and math. yaaaa. oh im not a good speller so sorry. last thanks for letting me ramble. go read Horan twins thanks.

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