Quarter Quell Trouble

This is the sequel to my Movellas, 48th Annual Hunger Games. That's all I'm gunna say so I don't spoil the whole fanfic. I hope you enjoy :)


3. The Bloodbath

Harry's P.O.V. 

Dani, Niall, Lou, and I are having a party tonight. This could possibly be our last night alive. Niall, Lou, and I are forming an alliance. Dani wants to go solo. We're all so scared but we blast music and eat chips and cookies for a long time. It's a great last night alive. When we stop the party, I find Dani on the balcony. I walk over to her. There are tears in her eyes. 
"What's wrong?"
I ask. 
"I miss Liam. I'm never gunna see him again and I love him."
She replies. 
"I know. I miss everyone home to. There's nothing we can do about it though unless we win."
She nods. Then we go to bed. I can't else's so I go outside and wait till morning. 

James P.O.V.

Iz and I go to bed early to get rested up for the games. We climb in bed and cuddle. Iz ends up falling asleep first. I fall asleep after her. We wake up in the morning. Iz chugs down 3 energy drinks, then we get on the helicraft. We get the trackers Iz keeps a straight face when the needle enters her arm. She's shaking from the energy drink. I laugh. She smiles at me. We are transported into our rooms. In 10 minutes,  we step into our tubes. We get taken into the arena. It's just like my games. I see a pack with a trident, sword and something in a backpack. Iz and I look at eachother. We wait 60 seconds. The gong rings. Iz runs after her pack. Dani comes after her. Iz snaps her neck with her bare hands. Eleanor comes after Iz too. Iz snaps her neck also. I hear a rapid fire of cannons. Most of the victors are dead. That suprises me. Iz gras her pack and I grab a pack that's heavy and she takes out the trident and we run. 

Harry's P.O.V.  

I run to the cornucopia and grab as much as I can. Then I run out before I'm killed. Niall and Louis ran to the woods while I got the supplies so they would be safe. I managed to get my hands on 2 backpacks, 3 spears, a knife, and a bow. I don't know what are in the packs yet. I'm gunna look in them when I get away from here and find the boys. I see Dani laying on the ground. She's dead. I see Eleanor dead too. I'm really upset about Dani. I wonder how Liam is feeling. I keep running and I see the boys in a bush. I run to them. We hide in the bush and look through the packs. There's a sleeping bag, water, a little but of food, bandages, knives, blankets, snares, and medicine. It's great. 

Izzy P.O.V.

I angrily find the bush that Harry is in. James pins him down while I cut off his leg with my sword. We take all the stuff he had. We see Niall and Louis scared stiff Harry is struggling and can't move. I throw my trident and it gets Louis in the back. Niall runs off. I cut off Louis's arm and leg and stab him in the temple with the butt of my trident. There are kids still fighting at the cornucopia. As a team, James and I kill all five there. We run off into the woods.

Louis' P.O.V. 

I don't know if I'm still alive. There is so much pain. With my one arm, I grab leaves and tie them over my arm and my leg to stop the bleeding. Niall is alive. He was able to run away. Harry got his leg cut and can't move. I hear five cannons fire. I don't know where Niall went, but Harry is still alive. I hope one of those cannons wasn't his. I don't know where Isabel and James went either. I'm really scared. 

 Izzy P.O.V.

We run for a while. 
"Ok, what did we steal from Harry." 
James opens the pack.
 "Looks like some water, a little bit of food, some medicine. What's in your pack. Ill empty mine" 
I say. Izzy takes out what's in her pack. 
"Sweet my armor!" 
She says as she puts it on. 
"Looks like it's this, and a water purification kit." 
All of a sudden a huge present comes to us. Iz tears it open. It's her shield and my cross bow. She hands it to me. She takes her shield. 
"Thank you 2!" 
We say. I open my pack. It's got weapons! So many weapons. They are all small but with the push of a button they turn normal sized. Izzy takes the mini sword, trident and spear. I take the rest. Izzy puts the big sword in it's sheath and puts it on her belt. We put everything away. We put on our packs. I grab my crossbow and Iz grabs her trident and shield and we set off. I see a kid in a tree about to shoot Iz. I shoot him with my crossbow. The cannon fires. We take his bow. We run off.

Niall's P.O.V. 

I hear another cannon fire. I hope it isn't for Harry or Lou. I decide to go back to check on them. I k is this is a huge risk. I go back and see them. They're both still alive. That's good. I take leaves and wrap them around Harry's leg like Lou did. Lou is a lot worse though. If the games don't end soon, Harry and Lou would die. It's dark and I hear the anthem. I look in the sky. 13 images are in the sky. 13 dead out of the 36 total. Only 23 more to go. I think to myself. 23 is too much though. I want to go home but I will probably die. 

Izzy P.O.V.

I love the nights so we can go kill people with campfires. I slip on my helmet. We see three fires. We sneak up to the first fire. There are three people there. I silently take out my sword. James shoots one, I throw my trident and one,and stab the last one. They were young. I get my trident. There are three cannons. We decide to let everyone else live, we did enough killing for today. We walk along. I see Niall. James and I grin. I put my sword back in it's sheath. We walk up to their camp. 
"Well hello there boys! Long time no see, eh?" 
I say with a smirk.

Harry's P.O.V. 

Three more cannons. This isn't good. I've been through this but is was luck the first time. Only 20 people left. Isabel and James decided to show up here. Great. I can tell its probably midnight. I'm scared right now. I pick up my bow. I managed to keep it from Isabel. I quietly load an arrow. I put it up and shoot James. He moved, so the bow only hit her shoulder. Then I loaded another and shot Isabel in the arm. They fell backwards and I stood up. Niall picked Lou up because he can't walk and we ran. I tried to run. We got away from them. 

Izzy P.O.V.

I walk after them, they're so slow. 
"Nice try, my armor can't be penetrated. It's impossible to kill me you idiots." 
I throw my trident. It hits Niall in the back. I grab the mini trident. I push the button. 
"This thing is cool!" 
I say. Then I throw the other trident. It hits Harry in the gut. I cut Nialls leg off. 
"Oh by the way, I killed Eleanor and Danielle. I snapped their necks. With my bare hands." 
I say. I plunge my sword blade into Nialls shoulder blade. 
"That should keep them busy!" 
I say. We head off to make camp. I run back and take my tridents back. 
"Thanks boys!" 
I say. I stab Louis in the shoulder too. I run to catch up with James. 

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