Quarter Quell Trouble

This is the sequel to my Movellas, 48th Annual Hunger Games. That's all I'm gunna say so I don't spoil the whole fanfic. I hope you enjoy :)


11. Safe Yet?

James P.O.V.

"So what do we do now?" 
I ask. 
"I dunno."
 Iz says. 
"Well I'm bored." 
I say. 
Is says.
 "Let's play tag!" 
I say. 
"Uhh... Ok!" 
Iz says. She slaps my arm and says 
"you're it!" 
She laughs and runs away. I chase after her. 
"Now you're it!" 
I say. I run off. She tags my back. 
"You're it!" 
We play for hours

Harry's P.O.V. 

I really hope that Zayn and Perrie are ok. 
"I'm gunna go check outside guys."
I tell everyone. I walk up the stairs and walk out the door. Everything looks like its over. Then, a bomb explodes and I get blown backward. I hit my head really hard. I get knocked out. 

Izzy P.O.V.

"I heard another bomb explode let's check it out." 
I say. James and I go outside to find Harry lying unconscious on the ground. We start laughing hard. James goes and kicks him in the head. He starts bleeding. Another bomb goes off by him. We run inside and down to the basement. We snicker and wait. We just wait and wait and wait. It got boring. 

Niall's P.O.V. 

I run out and find Harry knocks out and bleeding. I grab him and drag him inside and down to the basement. It's not good. His head is bleeding really badly. I grab the bandages and the other boys help me put the bandages on his head. We put him on the couch and we make sure he is ok. He's not doing great, but I think he will live.  

James P.O.V.

I quick head outside. Nothing's going on. I go back in. 
"I think it's over, but lets stay here to be safe." 
I say
Iz says. 
I confirm. 
We talk about some stuff, the games, what life will be like after this bombing, about the wedding, and I brought up the subject of starting a family. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

I slowly wake up. I see all the boys around me. I look around but my head really hurts. I put my hand up to my head and feel it bandaged tightly. 
"What happened to me and why are we in the studio's basement?"
I ask. 
"The District was bombed and you got blown back but you're fine now."
Lou tells me. 
"Can we go home?"
I ask.
"Yea. Everything's over now."
He replies. They help me stand up and walk. We go out to the studio and look for what's left of our home. We see Zayn and Perrie looking around. Zayn runs over to us.
"You're alright!"
Niall exclaims. 
"Yea. What happened to Harry?"
"He got blown back by a bomb and hit his head. He's alright now tho."
Liam tells him. We go and find our home not too bad. It's still standing. 

James P.O.V.

It's over. Iz and I go outside and check stuff out. 
"Who did it?" 
She asks. 
"As of right now, I think it was 6" 
I say. 
"Why would they do this?" 
She asks 
"I dunno. I dunno" 
I reply. I kiss the top of her head. She smiles. We walk around and look at the damages. I see bodies everywhere. It's not cool. It's no different then the games tho. 

Liam's P.O.V. 

Perrie, the boys, and I stay in the house for a few days. We don't want to risk leaving and something happening. We look out the window and we see a bunch of dead bodies. It's awful. Seeing people dead reminds me of Dani dead. I miss her so much. At least all the boys survived though. If I lost all of them, I would have the worst life ever. Even worse than loosing Dani. 

James P.O.V.

We go back in and go eat ice cream. After we're done we clean up and take a nap. When I wake up, Iz is still sleeping and I'm bored I go play video games. Great way to spend my life right?

Harry's P.O.V. 

It's a week after the bombing and my head still really hurts. I've been sleeping a lot. Life is so boring. I hate Panem and I want to move back to the UK. It was nicer there and there were no Hunger Games or bombing on Districts. There weren't any Districts at all. I want to move back. I hate it here. 

Zayn's P.O.V. 

Perrie is with me and the boy and I'm not leaving her side. I won't. She means too much to me to almost loose her. I'm going to always be by her. I don't want to leave her and watch her get destroyed by the Capitol. If I'm safe, she has to be safe. Perrie and I are sharing a room in Harry, Niall, and Lou's house. They refuse to call it a home because they didn't want to be here for killing people and living. They want to live somewhere nice with their old life. But we are going on a tour soon so we will be living in a private jet and it feels much more like home to them there. They deserve to live there for a good reason and a reason they like. I love the jet to. It's amazing. I'm gunna have Paul let me take Perrie though. He's giving us whatever we want lately because of the games. 

Lou's P.O.V. 

We go down to the studio and finish recording the album. It will be released soon and then a tour. I can't wait for the tour. I love touring and seeing a bunch of Directioners and countries all over the world outside on Panem. We release the album and it becomes the fastest selling album. We start out tour soon. The first place is in Africa. A few years ago, we helped the kids in Africa raising money for Comic Relief. I hope we helped a lot and we will see when we go. I get on the jet with the boys and sit on one of the massaging chairs, wondering what will happen next. 

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