Quarter Quell Trouble

This is the sequel to my Movellas, 48th Annual Hunger Games. That's all I'm gunna say so I don't spoil the whole fanfic. I hope you enjoy :)


5. More Deaths

Louis' P.O.V.   

We're all still alive. We've gotten two more gifts. That's how we've stayed alive. We can't die now. We've gotten to far and suffered enough for us to just die and have nothing. Harry, Niall, and I have to live and Isabel and James have to die. They will live a painful death. Much like the one Harry gave Carlos two years ago. Carlos' death is the most painful one. Getting burned and falling out of a tree, getting who, and then getting stabbed in the heart until be died. That must've been awful. 

  Izzy P.O.V   I found their camp. I take a stick and make a torch. They're all sleeping. I set their camp on fire. I stand outside in case they try to get out. Their entire place is in flames. Poor Niall. He has stumps for legs, he can't even run. I just laugh in the middle of the night.   

Harry's P.O.V.   

I wake up and see the camp on fire. I wake the boys up, and pick up Niall. He can't walk so I have to carry him. We run away. When will Isabel and James die? How do they keep finding our camps? How do they do all of this? It's like they're aliens. The tributes have to be peoples though. Not aliens, and not idiots. They don't make it crust should be taken out of the games and put to death in the Capitol. That would be a bad death. Dying on live TV and surrounded by the Capitol freaks. The people in the Capitol look ridiculous. I can't believe they think they look normal.   

James P.O.V.  

I wake up to the smell of smoke. Iz isn't here.  

"No no no"  

I say. I run to the fire. I see her standing outside of it. 

"We have to get out of here"

  she says. 


i say.  We pack up the stuff. She looks tired. Want me to carry you? I ask. She nods. She carries the packs. I can tell she's sleeping as I walk through the woods. An arrow whizzes by my face. No one is there but Harry Styles.   

Harry's P.O.V.   

I smile I just almost shot James. I load another arrow and This one hits him in the gut. He falls to the ground and drops Isabel. I realized that she took her armor off. 

"Any last words?"

I say as I shoot her. The arrow hits shoulder. It would've hit her head if it was an inch higher. I run off to find other tributes. I'm on a roll. I want to kill people. I want to go home. I find a camp. There are 4 people sleeping. They aren't moving so I shoot them each in the heart and if they're not dead, I stab them with a knife until their cannons fire. Four cannons fire. We only have 9 tributes left. 6 are gunna die. Me, Lou, and Niall are gunna be the victors. I find the boys. They are in a cave. 

"Guys! Get out of there!"

I whisper. 

"This is where you can get trapped and cornered and die!  This is one of the places where I almost died. A cave. We're better off in the middle of a field with torches yelling 'were over here! Come and kill us!' "

They climb out and we find a new camp. I don't sleep  for the rest of the night.   

Izzy P?O.V.  

I awake to a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I see an arrow sticking out of it. I pull it out with no problem. Then I see James lying on the ground with and arrow in his gut. 


I yell. 

"Iz, just take it out." 

He says. I carefully pull it out. I take his shirt and wrap it around his gut. 

"Now if we keep it clean, it will be ok." 

I say. My shoulder hurts. I put my armor on. I put my helmet and shield on. I see a campfire. I help James slip into his armor. He grabs a sword. 

"You're not doing any fighting." 

I say. I run over to the campfire. It's them. I charge in and cut Harry's arm off. Then I stab him in the chest. 


I yell. I kick the fire into Niall's face and I stomp Louis's face into the ground. 

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