Quarter Quell Trouble

This is the sequel to my Movellas, 48th Annual Hunger Games. That's all I'm gunna say so I don't spoil the whole fanfic. I hope you enjoy :)


6. Hatred

Harry's P.O.V.

I think this is the perfect time to use the gift I got last night. I pull out a small bomb and set it on fire. I take the boys and run before Isabel even knew what happened. We hear an explosion.  I smile. She won't be killing anyone for a long time. I wait for the cannon, but it doesn't come. I look back and the bomb just severely injured her. It looks like her leg was blown off and she is all burnt. It's a good thing James is going anywhere for a while. If he did, I would have Lou or Niall shoot him in the gut again. I can't shoot because of my arm so they will have to try.

Izzy's P.O.V. 

"HOLY S@*^!"

I yell out. I army crawl to the nearest cave and slide in.


I yell out as I look at where my leg used to be. I take my jacket and wrap it around my leg real tight. All of a sudden a parachute comes. It's got medical equipment and a prosthetic leg.


I yell out. I take it and stitch up my leg. I put the prosthetic  leg on. I see James crawl in my cave and I black out. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

"We didn't kill her, but she is badly hurt. Her leg was blown off."
I tell the boys. We all are happy. 
"Now she knows what it feels like when she cuts our arms and legs off."
Niall said. I nod. 
"Yup. Now she knows the pain."
I whisper. 
"Let's agree on one thing, no more campfires."
Lou says. 
Niall and I say together. I see a parachute fly down. I open it. It's a knife and food. We haven't eaten in days. We split everything into threes. We eat our share and I pick up the knife. 
"This might be useful."
I tell the boys. I have a plan. I'm gunna hunt down the other tributes and kill them with the knife. I lost my last one. Niall and Lou are gunna try to shoot my bow. We're gunna kill everybody and then go to finish Isabel and James.

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