Quarter Quell Trouble

This is the sequel to my Movellas, 48th Annual Hunger Games. That's all I'm gunna say so I don't spoil the whole fanfic. I hope you enjoy :)


12. Epilogue

-10 years later- 

James P.O.V.

Iz and I are married now. We are both 27. We got married when we were 24. Now at home, we have a new addition. Cato Alexander Maslow. He's one year old, and he's adorable. We liked the name Cato and we chose Alexander after Alexander the Great, a military hero and killer. Sounds weird huh. Not really. Anyway, I dunno what is going on with the One Direction ladies. Iz and I decide to bring Cato to the park. 2 has been restored since the bombing. We walk to the park. I put Cato in a swing and push him. He goes really high. 
"James, please be careful" 
Iz says. 
"I know!" 
I say. I stop the swing. An hour later, we walk back home, Cato falls asleep fast and Iz and I discuss important matters. What if he has to go in the games. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

Since the last time I was in the games, One Direction has been on 8 more world tours. We've Taken a break from the tours twice. We are still really popular. We've been around for fourteen years with thirteen tours. We are now grown men. Zayn and Perrie are married and Perrie is pregnant with a little girl. Lou has a girlfriend named Mary.  Niall and I are single. Liam has never gotten over his loss of Dani and will never love another girl again. He wears the engagement ring he got Dani and never got the chance to give it to her on a string around his neck.  He treasures it. We are the most popular band in the world and won't have to worry about the Hunger Games any more. We're all after 18 so were safe. I'm just worried about what will happen to Perrie and Zayn's baby. What will happen if she gets reaped? We will just have to wait and see. 

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