Starstruck. (A Michael Clifford Fanfic.)

Maycee Reed is a famous singer. Almost everyone in the world knows who she is. But when she starts touring with 5 Seconds of Summer, she meets Michael. And it is like they were made for each other.


2. Part 2.

I woke up the next morning with a massive headache.


"A hangover, of course." I thought.


I tried to sit up, but the pain was overwhelming. I finally decided that I might as well get it over it. I quickly jumped up and went into the bathroom.


My head was still throbbing as I turned on the water to take a shower.


I went back into my relatively big bedroom and picked out some casual clothes to wear. Just a tee and blue jeans. Then I went into the bathroom and shut the door.


By the time I got out of the shower my head had almost completely stopped hurting. Thank goodness.


I went downstairs to make breakfast. I grabbed two slices of bread and put them into the  toaster. Then I poured myself a small cup of milk.


I looked at the clock and was totally surprised. It read 3:47 p.m.


Did I seriously sleep this late? I never get up no later than at least nine or ten most days. But this was ridiculous.


I pulled the toast out of the toaster and ate it with the rest of my milk. I was still hungry, but that'll do for now.


Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I sprang up and looked out the peephole, making sure it wasn't a fan. But it was only Marty. I opened the door to let him in.


"Hey Marty. What are you doing here?" I asked politely.


"Well, I got a phone call today about your tour and who you will be touring with." he said to me.


I was beyond excited. "So am I definately going on tour though?" I asked eagerly.


He smiled as he said yes.


I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so excited! But suddenly I remembered something.


'Wait. Who am I touring with?" I asked Marty seriously.


Marty's smile faded. "It's a band. Their name is 5 Seconds Of Summer. Or 5SOS for short." he said. "The band members are Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford."


"Okay.. So are they good?" I asked while nodding.


"I personally think that they're amazing. Here, I actually have one of their songs with me. It's called 'Heartbreak Girl'. Listen." he said.


We sat in silence as the song played through. Marty was right, they were amazing. A lot better than I expected.


When the song ended I asked Marty, "So when am I going to meet them?"


"Tomorrow." he said simply. "So you better get some good sleep tonight. We're leaving for Australia at noon. Have a good day." He stood up and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodbye darling." Then he walked out of my suite.


"Marty, wait!" I said, but he was already gone.


What was all that for? And we're going to AUSTRALIA? 


I got up and went into the living room, the whole time thinking about 5SOS and the months to come.

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