Starstruck. (A Michael Clifford Fanfic.)

Maycee Reed is a famous singer. Almost everyone in the world knows who she is. But when she starts touring with 5 Seconds of Summer, she meets Michael. And it is like they were made for each other.


1. Part 1.

 "Good job on that last song, May. C'mon, lets get outta here." my manger said to me.


I just finished performing in New York. My manager, Marty, led me to my limo. Trying his best to keep away the paparazzi, but they always seem to get pictures of me.


I am Maycee Reed. People all over the world know who I am. I am a famous singer and teen icon for most people. They look up to me. I try not to let them down.


So, Marty. Do you even know if I get to go on tour at all?" I asked, Its been a question thats been in my mind for days.


"Well, May, I don't know yet. They said they'd call tomorrow and say if you can or not." he said with the look of anxiety on his face.


"And they still want me to tour with someone else, right? And they pick who it is?" I asked, hoping Marty would say no.


But he nodded.


I groaned. What, do they not trust me? Why do they have to have someone else go on MY tour with me? It isn't fair. It's my tour and I should have a say in who tours with me.


We arrived at the hotel in about five minutes. It was terribly crowded with people trying to get to me. Marty and my bodyguards helped me get through them and into the elevator.


I finally came to my suite and unlocked the door.


I was thrown back from what happened next.


"SURPRISE!" I heard what seemed like a hundred people scream to me.


I was smiling. "Oh my goodness! What is this for?"


One of my good friends Lizzie stepped forward. "Girl, you work your butt off on stage then just come back to your suite and sleep.  Me and a lot of other people agree that you need to have some fun!"


I smiled slightly. She was right. I hardly get a fun night out. Lizzie grabbed my hand. "Come on girl! Lets party!"


I followed her into the middle of the room where we danced like idiots. 


I ended up staying up half the night. Mainly because I had made the mistake of getting drunk.


But I knew that I didn't have to get up early the next day. And I was already stressed out about the whole tour thing.


So why not have some fun?

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