Truly, Madly, Deeply

Derek was never the most popular person in school. He was always getting straight A's and pushed around in the halls. Whitney was the school's popular girl. The one everyone looked up to. The one in every club just to feel involved. So what happens when their paths cross? Something changes truly, madly, deeply.

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1. Chapter 1

Derek's POV

     I walked down the noisy hall, ignoring insults being thrown at me. It was the same thing everyday, you'd think they'd come up with better insults by now. Suddenly, I was being shoved to the ground, the only thing I could register was the sound of laughter around me.

     "Watch out freak," Hunter spat at me, kicking me right in the ribs. That'll leave a bruise later. I should be use to it but, I don't think anyone could ever get use to something like this. I backed up, hitting the lockers, expecting him to hit again, but he walked away. Thank God.

     I lifted my head, hoping the pain wasn't showing on my face. I could pick out the giggles from among the sea of laughs. I'd know her laugh anywhere. It was Whitney and her clique.

     "What a freak show!" One of her friends, the one with the dip-dyed hair, exclaimed. Whitney just laughed along with her. That was something I could never get use to. Pushing myself up, I made my way to first period, keeping my head down and hoping I blended in with the crowd.

     I entered the classroom and took my seat in the far back, in the corner. I always sat in the same seat in each class. It was the seat I was the least likely to be noticed in. Whitney sat a couple seats in front of me, next to Hunter.

     I scribbled in my notebook, ignoring the lesson, until I heard the teacher mention something about us being paired up for a project. I looked around, not realizing how long I had been spaced out, and noticed that only Hunter, my best friend Liz, Whitney, and I were left to be paired up. I prayed to anyone that would listen that I wouldn't get paired up with Hunter, which left Liz and Whitney.

     I wouldn't mind being paired up with Liz...if we were able to actually cooperate on projects. Things were just easier with Whitney. We've been best friends since kindergarten. At least, we use to be best friends. We did everything together, but then high school came along and everything went downhill. I don't even think she remembers me.

     "Hunter and..." the teacher paused, their voice once again pulling me out of my trance, and I shut my eyes tightly, waiting. " Liz," he finished. I let out a sigh of relief, but that means, "Derek and Whitney."


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