who do you really love?

when Sylvia thought being in love with with a boy band was simple turns into a triangle of three that she has to decide who she loves more the boy who treats her more than a queen or the boy she has been in love with forever


1. your his bestfriend?

Harry's POV

"Louis we go up in 5 min. are you ready?" I tell Louis as hes putting on a sweater and looking at the picture of some girl named Sylvia. He was like head over heels for her but I don't know why I get this feeling shes gonna get between me and Louis's brotherhood. Am gonna keep my eye out on this chick."In 5,4,3,2,1 were live" I hear one of the computer tech. persons say. Me and the boys run to the stage and hear millions of girls screaming. Then it hits me, I see the most beautiful girl, her eyes were a light brown, her hair dark brown almost black, she wasn't the skinnest girl but she was perfect. I have to talk to her, I know after the show am going to look for her after the show ends. Damn, I forgot Louis is introducing us to Sylvia after the show stupid girl is in the way of me meeting my dream girl.

~Later After The Show~

"Harry! Niall! Zayn! Liam! come here to meet my best friend Sylvia. Shes the one I have been telling you guys about." I hear Louis screaming from the tour bus. I start walking to the bus lets meet the girl who made my brother fall so hard for him. "haha were going Louis" I hear zany coming from behind me. Then I see Niall running to the bus screaming "did she bring some nandos?" oh gosh really niall? really? Liam walks up to me "shes really pretty and nice" "you have met her?" I ask liam "yeah sometime ago. We were at nandos and she didn't have enough to pay for her meal and Louis payed for it." wow this chick was broke too she was really starting to get on my nerves but whatever. I walk into the bus and I couldn't believe my eyes it was her. It was my dream girl she was so beautiful I move my hand out to her to shake it "hi dream- I mean Sylvia my names-" "harry I know your the flirt of the band haha am kidding" her smile lit up the room and her laugh. Niall, Zayn hugged Sylvia and they talked for a while. "nice to see you again babe" Liam tells her. How could my  dream girl be Louis's dream girl! I couldn't stand thiss. I got up and walked out the bus hopefully some fresh air would help.

Louis's POV

Harry was acting weird he seen Sylvia and just froze its like he knew her but that's not even possible she lived in California and is only visiting London because of me. I really like her shes so beautiful I want to make her mine but its to soon. "Sylvia are you hungry?" I ask her she smiles and says "yea a little bit" I take her hand and take her to nandos with the boys "hey harry, wanna come with us to nandos?" harry comes into the bus and says "sure" he was stiff something was wrong between him and Sylvia.  I will ask him later. But its really getting to me.

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