who do you really love?

when Sylvia thought being in love with with a boy band was simple turns into a triangle of three that she has to decide who she loves more the boy who treats her more than a queen or the boy she has been in love with forever


2. louis? do i like him?

Sylvia's POV

I cant believe am actually hanging out with one direction. Louis was just the sweetest ever he was buying me things I don't even need. I honestly think am starting to like him. "Sylvia what would you like?" Louis asks me. I smile at him and answer "anythings fine Louis." Gosh Louis was just perfect if only he knew I liked him more than a best friend. "Sylvia, hi am harry I didn't  really get to introduce I don't know what came over me" I looked up to see Harry's dazziling eyes "oh hi harry you gave me a scare" I tell him "its fine harry really" I smile at him he smiles back and kisses my check it felt like something sparked for some reason.i walk to the table where Zayn, Liam, and Niall where sitting at. "hey Sylvia, guys make some space for her to sit" Liam says as Niall slides a seat over and I sit next to him. "haha so Sylvia what do you think of Louis" Zayn says with a wink at the end. "hes really sweet, his eyes just make everything light up hes just to perfect. OMG did I just say that out loud!" The boys laugh as I turn red "don't worry babe we can keep a secret" Niall tells me "thanks guys" I say still red. Louis comes and sits next to me and whispers "after we am taking you somewhere special" I smile and nod at him. Harry sits across from and us and smiles at me. the boys and me had the best time ever. We left to the boys house it was super messy. "sorry about the mess babe" Louis tells me. "its ok you know I have a brother too" I walk into the house and see harry jump on the couch "hey Sylvia you play video games?" "not that many I mostly play racing games" "well lets play you cant beat me" harry tells me as am sitting next to him as he passes me a controller "oh whatever" I smile at harry and Louis comes and sits with us laughing. I beat harry twice and he beat me once all the boys were in the living room with us laughing and making fun of harry I kinda felt bad but he was laughing at it too. Louis got up and took my hand "well boys its time to take Sylvia home its getting late." "come back tomorrow Sylvia please" Zayn says begging me "but bring some food too!" Niall says running up to my and bear hugging me. "haha ok I will bye you guys I will see you tomorrow" all the boys give me a hug and harry kissed my cheek and gave me a note. I put it in my pocket and smile. "come Sylvia" Louis says wrapping his arm around my shoulders. Louis opens the car door for me and I get in I wonder where hes taking me. "so you ready?" he asks me. "sure where is it your taking me?" he smiles and turns on the car he drive to a old alley and runs threw it. "I come here when I need time alone" he opens a tiny door and I crawl inside as so does he. "come this way" there was paintings and statues inside. Louis opened a door and turned on the lights. It was so beautiful there had been plants growing on the walls flowers,and the wall was also painted with flowers. "its beautiful Louis." Louis pulls out a blanket out of his backpack and two sandwhiches "I just found it this way I think this use to be an old art museum." he smiles and hands me a sandwhich we eat and he shows me around the museum more. he finally takes me home and walks me to the door step. "I had a good time Louis" "so did I babe." we hug and Louis leans in to kiss me. I lean in too when my mother pens the door and starts yelling "where were you?" "I-I was with-" I say as she cuts me off "I don't want you staying out this late." "sorry Louis see you tomorrow" my mother pulls me inside she walks to the kitchen "you are to not see that boy" "but mom hes nice" again am cut off "I don't care what  do you think? I pay you clothes and food for you to go being a slut with every guy you know?!?" she screams at me at this point my eyes were filled with tears I run upstairs to my room and lock the door. I hate my life but when am with Louis everythings different he treats me like am his girlfriend. I hear my phone vibrate I look at it.


phone convo

Louis: hey babe

me: hey Louis

Louis: did you have fun today?

me: yes it was the best sorry about my mom

Louis: its ok babe

me: your the best

Louis: you make the best of me come out princess

me: haha goodnight Louis

Louis: goodnight babe<3 am gonna pick you up to take you to school ok?

me: thanks Louis


I remember Harrys note to me. I reach in my pocket and take it out


hey Sylvia just wanted to ask maybe can just      |

|me and you hang out text me sometime at (***)***-**** |


I will text harry tomorrow hes probily asleep. I turn off my light and go to sleep I will never forget today.

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