Horan twins

Im Sadie Horan. Ruby Horan is my twin sister. yes Niall is my brother. Ok now me. Im 12 and hyper. Ruby is the shy one. i swim and Im vary good to. ruby dose softball. Niall and his friends come home for a brake. they will be home for 12 weeks. what happens when we meet the boys. will we like them or no.


3. youtube

    we all stood there in a circule. it was vary akward. Ok well i should probly go make my youtube  videos.

  "well are fans are wateing for us to uplode so got to go" i say. i grab Ruby by the arm and pull her away. i grab my black north face as Ruby grabs a wight one. we run to the garage. i go inside and close the door out of breath . Ruby is already  up the stairs and gone. i walk up stairs. i slip out of my coat and hang it up. i walk over to my desk, Ruby go's over to her matress. i log onto youtube. i start makeing a video. i just talk and play games on hear why do people wach this stuff.


hello and good morning people. so how da family. mine my brother is home lord help. Abbys being a teen. so ya can i get a like and a subscribe. i would do apreaciate it. thanks love you all. i sing off  , and go to my blog. i write a review a update you know.

  " ruby sadie dinner" abby called. i looked over at Ruby looking at me. i nod and she nods back. off we go to dinner. yum. 

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