Horan twins

Im Sadie Horan. Ruby Horan is my twin sister. yes Niall is my brother. Ok now me. Im 12 and hyper. Ruby is the shy one. i swim and Im vary good to. ruby dose softball. Niall and his friends come home for a brake. they will be home for 12 weeks. what happens when we meet the boys. will we like them or no.


2. never forget that 1st place


 i had made it to swim finales. i made it in 50 free back and relay. i was getting ready all pumped up inside. my hole family was coming mum, ruby, abby, grams, pops, niall, dad was even flying in from florida. 


   i was by the pool waching the race. ruby came next to me. she handed me a slip of paper. 

        dear sadie i know im not there work uggg and im soo sorry i wish i could be there 

      love niall

 thats it he lost my trust. he skipped my 11 birthday rubys ending softball game. he missed all my life. my race was being called. girls 13 and under 50 freestyle. oh dear god. 

  i got on top of the block. i heard a gun shot and a light flash. i dove in the icey clod water. i did my flip and raced back. my hand touched the wall. i looked up i got 1st by 10 seconds. i looked over to the jumbo tron my face. i had a grin ear to ear. that was the best time of my life. niall missed it agan. 

we got home i had two 1st place meadles and 1 second. 

bring bring. niall called.

(n=niall  s=sadie)

n hey super star

s save it

n whats wrong 

s relly ni really yoyu missed tonight rubys softball game. abbys soccor finals. her 15 birthday. my 10 and 11 birthday. you missed my life. 

n im sorry sadie you know i wanted to come 

s sorry dosnt cut it just save it 

i never forgave niall. i have had trust isshus also. that night was the best and worst night of my life . 

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