Horan twins

Im Sadie Horan. Ruby Horan is my twin sister. yes Niall is my brother. Ok now me. Im 12 and hyper. Ruby is the shy one. i swim and Im vary good to. ruby dose softball. Niall and his friends come home for a brake. they will be home for 12 weeks. what happens when we meet the boys. will we like them or no.


1. Im home

     " sadie ruby Im ready before you" yelled Abby. Abby is a teen so you know. she is 15 my older sister. 

   " Why so early its a weekend Abby' ruby asked. 

     " nialls coming home" abby said. i shoed abby out of my room. i threw sweats on and a baggy shirt that read 'swim finals'. i brushed out my long blond curly hair. last i put on a hart locket that had a S. Ruby had a tee with a bat and a softball. she had skinny jeans. with a high pony tale. last the same locket but with a R. 

i herd barking from scruffy my dog. they where hear. i have not seen niall in 1 year. i just nod at Ruby and we leave. we rush into the Tv room to see 5 boys and abby. 

  " hi girls" niall says. i just go wide eye and nod. a boy with a brown  mop on his head told niall he scared us. 

  " Tea is done" my mum yelled. 

  "thanks mum" we yell running over to her.  

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