Horan twins

Im Sadie Horan. Ruby Horan is my twin sister. yes Niall is my brother. Ok now me. Im 12 and hyper. Ruby is the shy one. i swim and Im vary good to. ruby dose softball. Niall and his friends come home for a brake. they will be home for 12 weeks. what happens when we meet the boys. will we like them or no.


4. dinner and a movie

  we walk into the dining room with everyone already sitting. i slip into a seat between niall and curly. Ruby sits next to mum and Abby. i look arownd we are having pizza. i grab one slice of meat lovers pizza. 

 " hows swimming sadie" Niall askes.

 " good grate i made it to little olymipks" i smiled.

 " ok girls you are going back to school in 1 week" my mum smiled.

" yes mum" ruby gigdled. 

" can we wach a horror" i ask.

 buzzs face lit up when i said that. " yes what movie"

  " mama" i grin. thats a real horror. 

 we walk over to the tv room. mum is doing the dishes. Ruby and i sit in the two person seat.  Niall curly buzz cut are on the ground. qiff and lou are on the couch, abby is sitting on the one person seat. i walk into kichen and grab some popcorn. i eat and wach the movie. abby was on her phone the whole time bye the end of the movie the boys where all on the grownd huddled up. they must have been scared.i wach the movie not scard. i cheack my facebook. 

@abby_h posted: look at the girls not scared then the boys oh boy @Sadie_da_swimmer @rubybat @niall! @liam_dani @zman @lou @hazza. with a photo of me and the boys. i look over at Abby looking over at me. the boys cheack there phone. 

  "i will get you Abb" he smirkes. i look at the time 12:45. i need to go to bed. i walk upstairs with ruby close behind. i fall asleap that was fun.

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