The Secret Twin

A story of how I went from being, Lucy the muggle, to being Lily the witch. From having just a little sister, to having a twin brother and a little brother.


2. The house

When we got to London we went straight ‘home’. Harry and Ginny tried to make conversation, but I wasn’t really interested – my life had just been turned upside down and so I didn’t see why I had to be nice to the people who made that happen. I just stared, out of my window, wondering what these new brothers were going to be like. The only thing I thought of was the fact that I had a twin. Nothing else seemed important except for that fact. Would he have the same hair as me, the same shaped eyes, would he smile the way I did? Part of me hoped this was a Punk’d. I’d see half of an episode before, at 3 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. Before I knew it we were turning up at a set of houses – 11 and 13. I would of asked why they had missed out 12 but I didn’t see the point. I sighed and got out of the car, wondering which house I was going to live in. “Wait Lucy.” Harry said. I flinched when he called me Lucy. “Don’t call me that. You named me Lily right? So just call me Lily. If I’m getting a new life, I don’t want to be Lucy anymore. Lucy was Peter and Helen’s daughter. Lily is yours.” I replied, breaking my vow of silence. I could see that it made him confused when I said about Lucy and Lily, but Ginnys face seemed to understand that I wasn’t Lucy anymore. I was part o0f a different family, with a different name. “Of course, Lily. But stay here a moment, whilst I… unlock the house.” Harry said. Sighing I sat back in the car. I watched as he stood in front of the two houses. Ginny whispered to me, “12 Grimmaud Place. Second home to all Weasleys and Potters. Always with the door open for any Order member.” As soon as she whispered this to me, a house appeared in the middle of 11 and 13! ‘This is crazy!’ I thought to myself. ‘I must be dreaming!’ Harry went and opened the door, whilst Ginny waited for me. “Come on pet, we need to be quick.” She said, as she locked the car and lead me inside. I rubbed my eyes – inside was so..old! Suddenly, a ghost appeared! I screamed and hid behind Ginny. “Don’t worry about Dusty. Its just something the boys and Hermione – that is, your uncle, aunt and Harry – wanted to keep because of their journey, nineteen years ago. Also because it keeps Dumbledore’s memory alive.” Ginny said, comforting me. I had no idea of what she meant; all I knew was that I seemed to have walked out of my normal, calm(ish) life and into a mental institute! “Where is everyone?” I asked, carefully stepping into the hallway. Nopthing else came at me. I sighed a sigh of relief. “At home. Me and Harry thought you would prefer a night of us telling you about your family etc before you met the rest of them – and there is a lot!” she said with a smile. I felt cheated. I had wanted to meet my new family today – just to point out that I looked nothing like them. “I wont lie I am a bit upset that NONE of my children are ginger – I guess the others kids will just have to carry on the gene.” Ginny said, as if in an after thought – she stroked my hair. “I’ve waited so long to be able to brush your hair. May I?” She said. I couldn’t help but think that this is where I get my chatty gene from. Harry had disappeared and I didn’t want her to as well. If something else came at me, I would rather be with someone who seems to know a lot about the illusions of this house, than to be myself. “Sure. If you answer me some questions whilst you do it?” I replied. Ginny smiled and nodded. She led the way into a room to the left, which from the way it was arranged, I’m guessing was ‘beauty’ salon. She took a brush and starting playing with my hair. “What did you want to know then dear?” she said. I had no clue. Sighing I just said. “Tell me everything. About Harry and everyone else you mentioned. Tell me everyt5hing.” And so she did. Everything from Harry’s parents being killed by Voldemort, to him defeating by simply knowing about the realities of things. “And the, eight years afterwards we had you and James. Two years later little Albus followed and, well that brings us to now.” She concluded. I looked at the little clock on the table. It was 9! We had been talking for three hours! “I’m tired. Where am I staying tonight?” I said, just as I yawned. “Harry was making up your room. Come on, I’ll take you there” she said, offering me her hand. I grabbed my bag, which I had stashed under the table, and took it. She led me to the top floor (apart from the attic) and opened the only door there. Inside was an amazing room! There was a giant bed and a trampoline! I screamed with happiness and flung myself on the bed. “Glad you like it.” Harry chuckled. I hadn’t seen him on the sofa – then I realized that there was a sofa in my room! I was going to thank them but before I could utter a word Ginny said. “Shh pet, sleep tight – your meeting everyone tomorrow. Harry called your family earlier whilst we were chatting, just to let them know that you were settling in alright. If you get hungry, just yell to Butch. His our house elf – but his here by choice – Hermione’s orders.” Harry and Ginny shared a look at the mention of Hermiones orders. And then, before I could say another word I was knocked out, fast asleep in a matter of seconds, dreaming about meeting red heads and a boy version if me.

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