The Secret Twin

A story of how I went from being, Lucy the muggle, to being Lily the witch. From having just a little sister, to having a twin brother and a little brother.


5. Russell's story

“Russell?” I said, nervously entering the room. I looked around , and saw that the room was pretty immaculate. There was a sofa, facing a flat screen television that seemed to be hooked up to an xBox and playstation. I saw that there was a picture of a man and woman, holding a baby. I walked over to it and sighed. The man looked tired and so did the woman. However, looking at their baby in the mans arms, they both seemed so happy. “Thats Lupin, Teddy and Tonks in case you were wondering.” I jumped with a start and turned around. “Sorry. Did I scare you – again?” Russell asked with a raised eyebrow. “You didn’t scare me the first time. It was just a shock.” I went and sat next to him. “He pointed to the man in the photo. “Thats Ted’s dad. An amazing werewolf. Me and Ted are the only two half wizard-werewolf children in the world. Thats my mum and Dad over there, with me.” He said, jerking a thumb backwards. I looked at the back of the room and saw that there was the photo. The difference was in this photo, the parents didn’t looked happy. “Shortly after my mum was diagnosed. Brain cancer. She died three years later.” Russell said, not looking at me. I was about to reply when he said. “Dont tell me your sorry. People always say that. Its not gonna bring her back. I was only four anyway. Older than Ted was when he lost both his parents. At least I’ve still got Dad.” He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, as if saying this conversation was ended. “I wasn’t gonna say sorry. Its pointless. I didn’t kill her so what do I have to be sorry for? What I was gonna say was that I was sorry about the way I reacted when I found out you were a werewolf. It was just a lot to take in. Mates?” I said, holding out my arms. He opened his eyes and shook his head. “No. Not till you know more about me. I’ve known James forever and so its alright being around him. I’ve got to be careful who I hand about with, given that I could become a danger to them. Besides, after you know more about me you might not want to be friends.” He replied, closing his eyes again. He seemed really moody, way more moody than he had seemed earlier with a massive grin on his face. “Fine then. Tell me everything.” Opening his eyes he stared into mine, as if looking for fear. “Okay then. Well, I’ll start with my Mum. When she was fifteen she was bitten. She had been out with her mates when they all decided to go into the forest behind Mum’s house. Jessica, Mums ex bestfriend, heard a howl. The rest of them legged it but Mum decided to continue through the forest, since it cut her journey time in half. She figured the howl was just a dog or something. When she was literally minutes from her house she was attacked. She was scarred badly and, although no-one realised it at the time, a werewolf. It wasn’t until the next full moon Mum ‘discovered’ what she was. Everyone thought a crazy man had just suddenly pounced on her. She decided to leave home, just in case she did to her family what the animal did to her. She didn’t know about magic at the time though. She just thought he was a weird scientist or whatever. Anyway, when she was 18, after three years of hiding whenever she could, she decided to go to London for the day, as a birthday treat. She managed to take some money with her when she left home – Grandpa had put five pound every week since she was born, into a savings account for her. She’d spent it wisely, buying only necessary things.  Where was I? Right, London. So she was walking the streets when she saw a pub. She went in and ordered a butter beer – it seemed the nicest thing on the list. However, when she came to pay the barman shook his head at the twenty she was trying to give him. Just as my Mum started getting confused a man came up behind her – my Dad – and gave the man two shiny gold coins. Mum didn’t know what they were, but the barman accepted them and went back to work. Dad took Mum back to his booth and explained everything. About wizards and whatever else they talked about I’m not sure. I only know what dad’s told me and he doesn’t like to go into detail when he can escape it. Mum explained what had happened to her and was relieved and scared when Dad told her what she was. Mum didn’t cover up her scars much – she didn’t see the point. Dad took his finger and carefully traced them. He asked where she was staying and when she replied in a tent, he shook his head and insisted she stay with him. In a separate room of course. Anyway to cut a long story short they fell in love and two years after they married they had me. They had of course hoped I wouldn’t take after my Mum but I did. Half and half. I changed and couldn’t bite harder than any other two year old. I joined nursery – one for witches and wizards of course. My parents decided I’d be safer there, where the carers expect weird things from the children.  So the fact that I could crush a table leg in half didn’t bother them. Then of course Mum died from her cancer and well, me and James have been best friends since I came in, the week after my Mum passed. He offered me some chocolate frog but only if I could catch it. I was only four but I still knew that my Mum wasn’t about any longer. Dad explained it more to me when I was seven. And then,  later that day when I told James he opened a chocolate frog and told me if I could catch it, it would be mine. So thats me.” Russell concluded. “Well, in that case I take it we can be friends? I get that your gonna change but to be honest nothing in your story made me change my mind. Now come on – lets go find out who won the hot dog challenge – Teddy, James or Albus.” I said, offering him my hand, to help him up. Smiling, Russell took my hand but pulled me in for a hug. I could of stayed in that hug forever, if Russell didn’t pull away. I smiled back at him and we left the den. I could get use to this wizard stuff.

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