The Secret Twin

A story of how I went from being, Lucy the muggle, to being Lily the witch. From having just a little sister, to having a twin brother and a little brother.


4. Meeting everyone

“Are you sure we didn’t go overboard?” I said to Ginny as we piled about a hundred shopping bags in the boot. We’d been shopping for 3hours and I was sure I had enough clothes to last me for 4years. “I’m sure. This is your present from me.” I gasped. I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday tomorrow. “Now then, we’ve got to go now otherwise we’ll be late!” Ginny replied, laughing. I laughed to and got in the car. I picked out one of the many CD’s that Ginny had brought me (She had brought me everything I so much as  looked at – it was great!) and put it in. Suddenly Right Place Right Time blasted through the car. It seemed odd that just yesterday I didn’t want to so much as look at Ginny or Harry and now, here I was singing Dear Darlin’ with Ginny! After we’d listened to the album twice over, we had arrived. The house looked amazing. I saw a sign in the ground that said ‘The Burrow.’ There were lights everywhere but the thing I focused on was the house. It looked just incredible. “Mum’s changed it about a bit but shes kept most of the rooms for when Grandchildren stay over. Aw look here’s the ever charming Ron.” Ginny said as she got out. I followed her lead but suddenly I felt very shy. I ran around the car to stand next to her and hid behind her. “Alright Gin, hows tonic?” The man who Ginny called Ron said. “Hilarious Ron.” She replied rolling her eyes. “No quick remark to make?” Ron said with a huge smile. Ginny shock her head. “Not that’s got language suitable for a little girl.” She replied, gesturing to me. “OH. So you’re my little niece?” Ron bent down to speak to me, which must have been very strange for him, since he looked like a giant. Ginny bent down to, holding my hand. “Lily, this is my youngest but older brother Ron. His Harrys best friend – remember me telling you about the things they used to do?” I smiled as I remembered what she had told me. I no longer felt shy – I figured from the stories that she had told me yesterday I’d recognize most of them from the way they acted. “Ron laughed and without warning, a large man came and lifted me in the air. I screamed which caused the man to look concerned. “Did I hurt ya? ‘arry wanted me to bring ya in.” He said, carefully putting me down. Once I was down I got a good look at the man. “Lily this is Hagrid.” Ginny said. I smiled “Sorry I screamed – it was just a surprise.” Laughing Hagrid picked me up again.  He put me on his shoulders and I saw everything. A huge marquee set up in the middle of the huge garden, gnomes running about. But the person I noticed first and kept my eyes on was a boy. He looked just like me. “Is that James?” I whispered to Hagrid, pointing at him. Hagrid nodded and put me down. “His been dying ta see ya. Go on, run ta your brother.” I smiled at Hagrid and did what he said. “Lily!” James yelled and starting waving his arms about. “Stop!” James screeched, “Look out!” James started running towards me, as though his life depended on it. “MUM! DAD! EVERYONE QUICK!” I turned around to see what had got him all worked up. Then, I was pushed out of the way and saw a flash of light. “Lily did it get you?” a nerdy boy of about eleven had come over. “Nah Russ, Teddy here saved her.” James replied, slapping a boy of about nineteen around the shoulder. “You alright? I didn’t push you to hard did i? I’m Teddy. Teddy Lupin.” The boy said, offering me his hand. “What was that thing?” I asked, taking his hand. “A demon. Usually Shadowhunters keep them away from wizards.” Teddy replied. “Oh, your Remus and Tonk’s son?” I said, realizing that his hair was changing colour. He smiled. “Yup. You’re the famous Lily Potter.” I returned his smile. “May I see my sister? Or are you gonna just continue to point out obvious facts?” James said, trying to sound serious but his smile was to obvious. It was clear him and Teddy were close. Then a girl came out of the house. “I’m trying to read! Oh (She said noticing me, and then she started blushing) I didn’t realize Lily was here. I’m just reading Harry Potter. It makes harry blush, but I love reading about Mum and Dad. I’m Rose.” The girl said, offering me her hand. I shook it and figured it was normal for her to be reading on such a gorgeous day. “Again, trying to meet MY twin so if you wouldn’t mind…” James replied, but this time he actually sounded annoyed. When everyone else had gone inside the marquee, James opened his arms again. “Sis.” He said. I opened my arms and went to give him his hug. “Bro.” “Come on, I’ll introduce you to everybody.” He held out his arm and, laughing, I took it. “Oi! Russ!” He screamed to, what seemed like no-one. Suddenly the nerdy boy from earlier popped up. “Russell, my sister Lily. Lily this is my best friend Russell Hunter.” I assumed he wanted to shake hands but the next minute I was held tightly in a bear hug. “Russ is part werewolf; like Teddy.” James explained. I must of looked horrified, because Russell immediately let me go and ran off. “His not violent. I hope you don’t believe that rubbish in Twilight about werewolfs never aging or whatever crap it was? I’ve known Russ since forever and his got older the same as me.” James said, getting ready for whatever I said about werewolfs. “No, its not that. I haven’t read Twilight – nor do I plan to. Anyway, I was more shocked than scared if that’s what you thought. I mean, it is a bit much to handle in just two days.” There was a low chuckle. “GEORGE!” A kid of about eight came running past us, at the sight of a tall ginger man. “Albus!” The man replied with a smile. “Is Lily here?” He said, whilst looking around the room. When he clocked me he gave me a warm smile that I immediately gave back. “Wheres Russell? I want to apologise.” I said to James. “Probably at the Den. Dad made it for Teddy a while ago and well, now since Teddy doesn’t need it any more Russ uses it. Its around the back pathway. But you’ve got to believe it to find it. Theres all sorts of charms on it. I’ll get Teddy to show you. He can find it better than me.” James replied, before stuffing his face with about fifty mini sausages. “I’m gonna go and meet people. Catch up with you later?” I told James noticing a woman talking to Harry. I recognized her but I couldn’t think where from. “Ah Lily, this is Jo. You may know her as J.K Rowling.” Harry introduced when I was next to him. “Joanne. Nice to finally meet you Lily. I must say, you look nothing like your father thought you would.” JK said, extending her hand. “Nice to meet you.” As I shook it, I realised I’d been called Lily quite a lot and it still didn’t feel really right. I figured it was like a new pair of shoes. It would just take time to get used to it. After about an hour I knew everyone who was here. Now it was time to find Teddy and get him to take me to Russell. I didn’t know what it was, but I felt like I had to go to him, like I had no choice. It didn’t take long to find Teddy. He was talking to Albus and James about the rules of a hotdog challenge. “Teddy?” I said as I got near. Without warning I had an eight year old on me. “LILY!” He was screaming. “Al, get off her man! Chill out!” Teddy said, pulling Albus off me. “Hey Albus. I’ll talk to you later – I’ve got to talk to Russell right now, its urgent.” I said, giving Albus a hug. “I guess you want me to show you the Den? (I nodded) Sure. Come on.” Teddy stood up. “Back in five. Any you eat now don’t count.” He told the boys. And then he walked me out off the marquee and down a side street. “I, Teddy Lupin, son of Remus and Nymphadora Lupin grant Lily Potter access to the Den.” He said to a wall. Quickly a door opened. “Cool right? Just don’t come here at full moon. Anyway, now all you’ve gotta do to get in is think or say your name. Now, if you excuse me I’ve got to crush your brothers at a hotdog match.” He said smiling. “Thanks bye.” I returned his smile. Chuckling, he waved as he went. “Russ’ll look after you.” He shouted back. Then, I stepped in.

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