bad boys and bad girls

hi my name is (Y/n), and this is a story about how I ran into someone bad. very bad. and fell for them. but I live in the fast lane. and I always have and have no plans on stopping. anytime soon. but when I finally relies I love them. something bad happens. this is the story of my life. - okay this is a green story meaning nothing real bad. in this one;) this is a story iv pretty much thought out but Ideas and suggestions are welcome at any point. I read all comments. and this story is also in your point of view.:) because I know I like those story's. so I thought I would try it.


4. tease

 Jason's POV

 Then I whispered in her ear.

 Jason: that's reason one. reason two is that you think I'm good looking, three is I think your perfect.

 (y/n): what about the last two?

 I turned her around. and kissed her. after a few minutes. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. then after a bit I slowly pulled away.

 (y/n): okay, and the last one?

 Me: we both want each other, and I don't know bout you. but I would like to get to know you better.

 (y/n): well, yeah. but I don't think I can.

 Me: why?

 (y/n): I don't think my dad would like you to much

 Me: well I guess he'll just have to get over it.

 (y/n): well in about half an hour, everyone is going to be here. and we start street racing.

 Me: well in the mean time. you can move your car next to mine. and then, maybe I'll show you. my amazing kissing skills.

 I smirked, and she playfully rolled her eyes. but did what I said. we made out the entire time. she was leaning against my chest while, I was leaning against my car. it was a range rover. Justin has one two. but his is all black even the inside. my inside was black and red.


 (y/n) POV

 I was still in the middle of kissing Jason, when Justin spoke up.

 Justin: ay you two get a room.

 Jason smirked. he turned me around, and pulled me close. he put his hands on my butt. and because I knew what he thought would happen, is what he wanted to happen. so I moaned into the kiss. everyone laughed. I put my hands in his hair, I twirled it around and ran my fingers through it. it's just so soft. when I heard heavy footsteps. and heals.

 leatte: (y/n) your so lucky I'm not dom.

 I slowly pulled out of the kiss. and pulled my hands from his hair.

 Me: shit!

 I turned around to see leatte.

 Me: hi, so uh is um dad here?

 I looked around nervous.

 Leatte: yes, and so is everyone else. but if that one girl don't shut up. she wont be.

 I laughed.

 Me: damn mom shill out.

 Justin: wait so this is your mom? and your dads Dominic?

 Me: sorta, um my real mom is dead. and my real dad is in jail.

 Cattie: how did she die? if you don't mind e asking.

 Me: no, um she died trying to save me.

 Justin: trying?

 Me: I was about to get hit. by my ex. step mom. so she got in a fight with her. but my ex. step mom's boyfriend. shot her. all while I was there. they started to come to me. but I ran. I ran until I got to my sister. then we ran till we found them. we soon after got a phone call from our dad saying he loved us. and  that he wouldn't be around for awhile.

 I shrugged. and held back the tears. everyone looked up. when my dad seen Jason. and where I was he looked pissed.

 Me: dad calm down please?

 I stood where I was. if not he would go after him.

 Dominic: who is he (y/n) and why are you with him?

 Me: dad I promise its not another Zack. please. look at me. I'm not lying.

 Leatte: dom she's not lying. give the kid a chance. if he makes her happy. then let him stay with her. even when she's not. let love be love.

 Dominic: no, now (y/n) get over here now.

 Me: no, you can not talk to me like that.

 Dominic: I am your father.....

 Me: YOU ARE NOT..... my dad. my dad. is in jail. you may act like him. I may treat you like you think I treat him. but there's one thing he can do that you cant.

 Dominic: and what's that?

 Me: my dad I treat him like kids that are in prep school talk and treat there parents. 'yes sir' 'no sir' and I do that because he scares the shit out of me.

 I turned around, I kissed Jason. once more then got into my car and drove to the starting line.


I won, I went to find Jason. but he was gone. I seen Justin.

 Me: Justin!

 he turned around.

Me: where's Jason?

 Justin: he went home. you can come if you want.

 Me: thanks.

 I follow him back. and we go in. I see him on the couch. making out with, a blond bimbo.

 Justin: dude! really!?

 jason looked up and saw me. he pushed her off him. I ran out. but he caught me.

 Jason: (y/n) wait. please, I....

 Me: don't. lets just act like none off this happened. I mean, I don't even know why I care. or why I thought you did.

 I got in  my car. and drive home. i go up to my room. 1 day and I already...... ugh! maybe tomorrow will be better.




sooo, what do you guys think of the story so far? and what do YOU want to happen next? and how could it be better? let me know. thanks for reading.(:




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