bad boys and bad girls

hi my name is (Y/n), and this is a story about how I ran into someone bad. very bad. and fell for them. but I live in the fast lane. and I always have and have no plans on stopping. anytime soon. but when I finally relies I love them. something bad happens. this is the story of my life. - okay this is a green story meaning nothing real bad. in this one;) this is a story iv pretty much thought out but Ideas and suggestions are welcome at any point. I read all comments. and this story is also in your point of view.:) because I know I like those story's. so I thought I would try it.


12. in truble

 when me and Jason woke up. we had not one single clue as to where we were. but we soon found out. a man walked in and smirked at me. I felt as Jason wrapped his arms around me. and the guy finally spoke. ' baby move on so fast?' I looked more closely at him to see if I knew this guy. and then it hit me. ' zack!?' Jason looked down at me confused but made his arms tighter around me to protect me from the horrible man in front of me. Jason whispered in my ear. 'baby who's zack?' ' my ex' he nodded his head.

Jason's POV

even though I didn't know the guy (y/n) seemed scared of him and so I held her tightly in my arms. as zack kept smirking at her. ' hey man what do you want?' he looked at me. 'my girl' I knew what he meant but me being me just had to be a smart ass ' sorry man but the only girl that I got is my girl. ' his face turned red. ' SHE'S MY GIRL NOT YOUR'S SHE BELONGS TO ME!!!!!!!' I smirked back at him as (y/n) buried herself further into my arms. and squeezed my shirt and pants into her fist in fear. ' no sorry but I do believe she wasn't ever on a shelf or for sale so she chose me and so she got me. and you are not goanna ever have her' (y/n) had a knife in her pocket and I quickly got it out and swiftly threw it at him and it stuck in his shoulder. he cried out in pain and I grabbed the gun out of my pants and shot him once in the chest and once in the head. just to be sure. just then Justin and Dylan came running downstairs and I noticed (y/n) froze in place. ' shit' I muttered under my breath. I quickly went up and hugged her. she broke down in tears and held onto me  like I was her life line. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the car and we drove home. all the way I never let her go and whispered cute true things into her ear just for us to know. 'baby your safe now' 'shhh it's okay I'm here' ' I promise he's gone' 'your safe baby no one can hurt you now' ' you'll always be safe in my arms baby as long as I'm alive' 'I'm here now baby and everything's going to be alright'

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