bad boys and bad girls

hi my name is (Y/n), and this is a story about how I ran into someone bad. very bad. and fell for them. but I live in the fast lane. and I always have and have no plans on stopping. anytime soon. but when I finally relies I love them. something bad happens. this is the story of my life. - okay this is a green story meaning nothing real bad. in this one;) this is a story iv pretty much thought out but Ideas and suggestions are welcome at any point. I read all comments. and this story is also in your point of view.:) because I know I like those story's. so I thought I would try it.


3. and love

 I saw Jason , Justin, Dylan, cattie, and Ashley. Ashley. was all up on Dylan. Justin was all over cattie. Jason. was all alone. and he looked hot. just then he looked up. and caught my gaze. he checked me out then. he smirked. oh no. you have to come and get it. just then a boy came up to me.

 boy: wanna dance sexy?

 (y/n): ha. no. that has to be the worst pick up line ever. go away.

 he walked off. I seen a girl trying to flirt with Jason. he smirked when he seen me. okay. I went to the car next to theirs. and started to flirt with this really hot guy. but not as hot as Jason. well he's not hot. he's sexy.

 (y/n): so I got to go.

 I went to walk off. he jerked me back.

 boy: to where?

 (y/n): to my friends. bye.

 I walked off. swaying my hips. a lot. more than normal. I went to my friends. and we started to dance. a little dirty. to Britney spears piece of me. I'm a slave 4 you, came on. I got a little dirtier. I looked at Jason. and made a full of lust face. and continued to dance. he started to walk towards me.

Jason POV

 (y/n) looked so sexy in that outfit. and then that look, and the way she was dancing. Made me crazy. my humps came on (the song). perfect I went up to her slowly. and grabbed her hips. and pulled her into me. she started to dance to the beat. breathing heavy, and making me want her. she whispered in my ear.

 Me: make you scream, make you work, work for it.

she danced slower grinding on me. while she said that. then it ended. and I grabbed her ass. she moaned. I whispered in her ear.

 Me: why don't we go back to my place.

 (y/n): give me 5 reasons why. then I just might. if I really like them. and you can speak them and/or show me.

  I smirked and followed her back to her car. it was a purple sports car designed for street racing. I came up behind her. i pushed her against it. then moved her hair to one side. i started kissing and sucking on her neck. making her moan. then...


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