bad boys and bad girls

hi my name is (Y/n), and this is a story about how I ran into someone bad. very bad. and fell for them. but I live in the fast lane. and I always have and have no plans on stopping. anytime soon. but when I finally relies I love them. something bad happens. this is the story of my life. - okay this is a green story meaning nothing real bad. in this one;) this is a story iv pretty much thought out but Ideas and suggestions are welcome at any point. I read all comments. and this story is also in your point of view.:) because I know I like those story's. so I thought I would try it.


1. Bad Girl's

 (Y/N) POV

 I woke up, to my alarm going off. 5:15 like always. I get up, go take my shower.

 When I get out, I dry off. I walk over too the sink, and take my vitamin, and my allergy medication. I walk to my closet, and pull out my light blue short shorts, black tight fitting tank top. and brown leather jacket. and socks and my favorite brown cow girl boots. I probably sound like I'm getting ready for school. but I'm not. I'm getting ready for today. I don't go to school I'm home schooled. by my aunt. I walk back to the bathroom. I brush hair and leave it down. I put on a light coat of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I walk down stairs to the garage. and go to my aunt to start my lessons of                     home-schooling.

 I was now finished with that. my dad comes in.

 (y/n): daddy!

 I run and hug him. yeah I'm 16 but I love my dad. he has literally saved my life. just then my mom roles in with a car. alright. my work face goes on. as soon as she drives it into my lot.

 leatte: ( like off of fast and furious. lol ) (y/n) this is a very valued customers car. treat it right. he needs a new plate, color, and everything. got it?

 (y/n): got it.

 I begin to work.

 t was 11 at night. I was working still. the pick up was tomorrow. I just had to paint it. I got another beer. and covered the windows and stuff. then began to paint it such a dark purple that it was almost black.

it was 12 midnight. when a group of boys my age came walking through the door. a gang. my mom led them to my lot. where I was. I purred the engine to life and revved it a few times. it was ready.

 leatte: (y/n) this is Dylan, Justin, and Jason, with them is they girls Cattie, and Ashley.

 (y/n): Hi I'm (y/n).

 they nodded.

 (y/n): this car used to be wanted but is now unknown. to everyone. new tag, new paint. new everything.

 Cattie: you look familiar. have I seen you before?


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