One direction vampires

One day Bridget goes to a one direction concert and she sees the boys drink a girls blood and she freaks out a little. But when they find her will she live and fall for one of them or will they keep her captive and use her as a food source? Read on to find on......


23. Saving Charlotte

Louis' P.O.V.

Today we are going to save Charlotte. I can't wait to see her smile and laugh again. She's like my sister I never had. I miss her a lot. I think Zayn does too. He's been very distance lately. I hope he is ok. Well we sped through the woods and found the house. Liam and me and Harry went to the front. Zayn and Niall and Bridget went around back. Then we waited for the signal. Finally the signal and we busted down the doors. Here we come Charlotte.

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I am very weak now. It's been about a week now. I have been crying and being tortured every day. Either being whipped and beat. Or forced to have a make out session. It's aweful here. My blood is on the where I am. Aweful. Then I heard some banging and fighting upstairs. What's going on? Then the door opened.

No, please not again. P-p-please don't do it again. I begged and cried.

Oh don't worry. I think something different will happen today. He said. I cried even harder. Then he walked over and untied me and carried me bridal style into the middle of the room. Then he turned the light on. I crying and staring at the floor. He picked my chin up and wiped my tears away so I could see him clearly. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Z-Zayn? I asked puzzled.

Yep the one and only. He replyed. I was so weak I couldn't stand up. I was very weak I blacked out. Zayn. That was my last thought.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I saved her beat the crap out of those freaking vampires. I'm just glad I saved her. I rushed her home and fed her about 5 blood bags. I hope she is ok. She woke up about 3 hours later and told her everything. She said she glad to be back. I never wanted to leave her side again. I'm going to also her to marry me. 

Hey Charlotte. Umm this is really important. I said.

What is it sweety? She asked looking at me.

Will you marry me? I asked super nervous.

Of course I will baby! She said. Then we kissed for a long time. I'm so happy now. So happy. Happy!!

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