One direction vampires

One day Bridget goes to a one direction concert and she sees the boys drink a girls blood and she freaks out a little. But when they find her will she live and fall for one of them or will they keep her captive and use her as a food source? Read on to find on......


20. Drinking blood

Zayn's P.O.V.

I hope Charlotte is ok. I really do I just wish she was her old self again. I fed Charlotte a blood bag and laid her down on my bed and sat next to her and cried. I hope she wakes up soon. An hour layer she woke up but dazed  a little still.

What happened? She asked.

Oh, well you passed out cause you you didn't drink enough blood. I replyed.

Why didn't I drink blood?

Because you were so sad cause your brother died. I said.

Oh............ That's aweful. I missed you though. She said.

Me too. I answered. Then we kissed for a long time. It felt good to have her lips pressed against mine again. Then Harry walked in. 

Hey guys. Did I interrupt anything here? He asked.

What do you want Harry? I asked clearly annoyed.

Well I just wanted to tell you guys that dinner is ready and I wanted to check in on Charlotte. But now I see that she is perfectly fine. He said.

Ok well thanks Harry. We will be down in a couple of minutes. I said. Then we started to kiss again after Harry left the room.

I love you. I whispered.

I love you too. She answered. Then after like 10 minutes of that she said she felt light headed. So I figured she couldn't walk or else she will faint again. So I carried her downstairs and sat her on the counter and grabbed 2 blood bags and fed them to her so she would be ok.

You ok now Charlotte? 

Yea I'm fine for now. She said. Everybody was done eating so we sat in the living room with everybody else and watched tv. Charlotte still didn't look right. She had a sad look in her eyes and she had a little confused look on her face too. I decided to read her thoughts to see if she is ok. ( her thoughts): I didn't even get to say goodbye and they told me after he was dead. They couldn't of told me while he was in the hospital. It makes me soooo mad. I miss him so much. I really want to see his smile and his laugh again. I miss him. I want him back. I can't cry though. I can't let Zayn see me like this though or else he will ask a lot of questions. Dont cry charlotte. Not now. Not in front of everybody. Let the tears escape when you go on a walk later. Later you can cry. Later.( end of thoughts( yea I know her thoughts are long sorry )). What? She misses her brother and doesn't want to cry infront of me cause she thinks I will aske her a bunch of questions of why she is crying. Well I didn't tell her that her brother died cause then she would've killed herself to be with him. I couldn't let that happen. No. Never. Ever. 

Hey Charlotte. Can you come with me to my room? I asked. She nodded and we headed upstairs.

Hey while we were watching tv you looked sad so I read your thoughts and I heard that you wanted to cry cause you missed your brother and you didn't want to do it infront of me cause you didn't want me to aske questions. I told her. She looked at me with the 'seriously' look. Then her eyes started to tear up and ran somewhere. I started to look around the upstairs floor. I walked by the bathroom and heard crying from inside.

Charlotte, you ok? I asked. No answer.

Charlotte? I asked again. Still no answer. I hope she is ok.

Sorry Zayn. I just need some time alone,Zayn. Sorry. She said.

Its ok sweety. Just please come out so we can figure this out. I told her.

No Zayn. I-I can't Zayn. Sorry. I need peace and quiet and alone time. I need time by myself. She replyed. Dang it. Not again. I can't stand being without her.

Please come out I miss you a lot. Please Charlotte. I whispered .

No Zayn. That's my finale decision. I'm not coming out. She said fighting back tears. Why Charlotte why. I went back downstairs mad the boys and Bridget asked where's Charlotte. I told them long story and I'll tell them later. 

Charlotte's P.O.V. 

Why can't Zayn understand what I'm going through? I need to be alone. Alone. Just me. Nobody else. Sometimes they get on my nerves so much. I was thinking about my brother and all the fun times we had together then I heard a bang followed by a shatter of what sounded like glass. I went to go see and I saw a bunch of werewolves. Where the heck did they come from? I looked at the window and it was shattered to pieces. Then I saw them growling and coming closer and I fought them but they won. I was fighting one and I thought I knocked them all out but I guess not. So one snuck up on me and knocked me out. Crap. First my brother now this. Ugh. My life is horrible. I just hope Zayn isn't mad at me so he will save me. Help me Zayn.

Niall's P.O.V.

Wewere watching a movie and all of a sudden we heard a bang and some glass shatter. Zayn said its probably Charlotte being mad and shattered something. But I wasn't so sure. I guess Bridget was too. So we went upstairs and heard a scream. We looked at each other and ran up the stairs as fast as we could. Then I stopped with Bridget behind me and looked on the ground. It was covered with glass from the windows and blood everywhere. What happened up here? Then I saw dog prints. Uh oh. This isn't good. Charlotte probably got captured by werewolves. They can be so mean and stupid sometimes. I wanted punch themand save Charlotte. I looked over at Bridget and she was sitting on the ground where it was clean. She was crying.

Hey, why are you crying Bridget? I asked.

I just lost my best friend to a bunch of stupid werewolves. She's the only thing I got besides you and the boys. She was my only friend that was a girl. She said through tears. I felt so bad for her and charlotte and Zayn didn't even bothered to look. Now it's just mean. I decided I should tell the lads and we should go save her. We need to as soon as possible. She also hasn't drank a lot of blood so she is low on that . We need to save her as soon as we can. 

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