One direction vampires

One day Bridget goes to a one direction concert and she sees the boys drink a girls blood and she freaks out a little. But when they find her will she live and fall for one of them or will they keep her captive and use her as a food source? Read on to find on......


22. A plan to save Charlotte

Bridget's P.O.V.

Me and the boys finally found out where Charlotte was with those stupid werewolves. They were in an old abandoned house with her. So we decided to surround the house and make a distraction and then we go in and get her. But I'm not so sure about Zayn though. He looks a little sad and angry. We are also bringing blood bags for her. We aren't sure if she has enough blood. I'm pretty sure she doesn't. I'm so worried about her. I hope she is ok. So with our plan set, we are going to vampire speed through the woods and find the house and follow the plan from there. I can't wait to see Charlotte again.

Charlotte's P.O.V.

Freaking werewolves. The kidnapped me and tied me to a chair in a small dark room, I don't where on earth. I think I've been down here for a couple of days without food drink and blood. Blood. I need it to live. Ugh. I need to get out here. Then one of the werewolves came down and closed the door behind them. Then he untied me. I was going to fight him and the others but one probablem. I was to weak. I couldn't even stand up. I tried to and then I plunked down on the ground. The guy just laughed. Ugh. Werewolves. Then he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the middle of the room. Then he pulled a cord and a light came on. It was only bright enough so I could see him. Then he pulled me in and kissed me. I didn't kiss back one second. 

Whats the matter love? You don't like what you see? He said.

No I don't. I miss my Zayn. I answered him. 

Look I like you and I know you probably hate my guts right now. But if you don't want to get hurt, your going to do what I say. Understood? He told me.

Ok. I whispered. Then he pulled me in again and I had to kiss to or else he'll kill me for sure. I was crying a little too. I hated this it was torture. I hope they find me soon. Then he stopped and told me that was enough for today. Then he carried me bridal style and chained me up to a wall. He also said someone else was coming down tomorrow. Oh great. More torture. Zayn wherever you are , please find me soon

Niall P.O.V.

Oh darn. I miss Charlotte a lot. She feels like family to me. I was also going to purpose to Bridget today. Well I'm going to purpose to her when everything was the way it was. Im going to take her out to dinner after Charlotte is fine again. Then that's when I'll do it. Yeah. That's when. This dinner will be perfect and Charlotte will be perfectly safe when we get her. Everything will be perfect. Perfect.

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