Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


9. chapter 9

lusy's p.o.v

we dropped off niall and ginger at there house and heeded straight to our house i went and took a shower after i was done i went to my room i looked for the dress liam had bought me i slipped it on quickly it was black it went above my knees there was a blue ribbon in the middle forming a bow in the side it was pretty i straightened my hair and put on some black high heels i walked downstairs to see liam in a blue striped shirt and jeans with black converse he looked real good ''you look beautiful'' liam commented i blushed ''you look handsome as always'' i said back to him he smiled ''ready?'' he asked ''we have to go pick up niall and ginger''he added i nodded he took my hand and took me to the car ''thanks'' i said getting in the car he ran to the other side ''welcome love'' he said back then we drove off to niall's house niall and ginger were waiting at there porch they looked good too i have never seen ginger in a dress she looked beautiful they came in the car '' ginger you look so pretty'' i complemented she smiled'' thank you you look pretty too'' she said back it was 9 when we got to the party ''we are fashionably late'' i said smiling liam intertwined our 

fingers and we walked in there was a lot of people drunk and all over the place people making out people passed out on the ground and everything the music was so loud ''this is crazy'' ginger screamed in my ear ''i know its gonna be a wild night'' i screamed liam took me to another room there was drinks he handed me a beer i know i don't drink but lets not kill the fun i know this was going to be my first time tasting a beer i took a sip and i felt the cold and burning sensation on my throat it was gross but i got used to it after another couple sips i saw the girls come in claire looked wasted so perrie kept on pulling her to her when she saw she was flirting with some guys i didn't see harry anywhere ''wheres harry?'' i asked eleanor ''hes at niall's house he didn't want to come he felt sick'' she replied i looked over to claire which was sitting in a chair sipping on some beer ''well i don't think harry would be happy to see claire flirting with guys''i laughed '' that's why we have to keep an eye on her '' perrie smiled i was about to say something until liam pulled me to him ''lets dance'' he whispered in my ear i could smell the beer as he talked i grabbed his hand and we went to the dance floor where ginger and niall were dancing with a lot of other people we were dancing to a crazy pop song but then it turned into a slow song and liam grabbed my waist and pulled me to him i grabbed his neck and leaned my head to his shoulder we were dancing slow but when i lifted my head to look at him he was looking at this girl signaling to her and sending air kisses i just gasped and ran outside into the car i sat in there for about 10 minutes till liam came and sat in the drivers sit ''why did you leave the party?'' he asked angrily '' i was worried i couldn't find you'' he added i just looked at him and started to burst out crying i have never felt so heart broken i felt weird ''hey hey whats wrong with you why are you crying?'' he asked mad ''don't ask me why im crying i saw you air kissing that girl at the party '' i screamed at him then walked out of the car i didn't even care anymore i just walked away back where liam's house was and went in i walked to the bathroom and saw my makeup all ruined and cried more i then stopped crying and cleaned myself up i took the dress off and put some sweats and one of liam's shirts on and threw my self on the bed looking at the wall i felt arms raped around me i jumped and yelled ''hey shhhh'' i heard a familiar voice it was liam '' what are you doing here aren't you supposed to be at the party with you new girlfriend or something'' i said turning to him taking his hands off of me im the type that gets extremely jealous '' no your my only girlfriend im sorry for what i did earlier i don't know what i was doing i was drunk '' he replied ''yeah right how am i supposed to know your not drunk right now huh?'' i said backing away from him '' because i wouldn't have came back for you if i was really drunk i would have partied more but i decided to come back and be with you because i love you'' he said getting closer ''im sorry lusy you are my one and only and i was stupid to do that i really want to earn your trust i love you a lot'' he said i could see his eyes getting watery ''i forgive you i guess i kinda get jealous'' i forgave him he began to get up ''you know what no don't forgive me i have to show you that i love you we are going to stay here all night and watch movies okay?'' liam said now i could see he was crying but why ''hold on liam why are you crying?''  i asked i was worried he seems like the type of guy that doesn't cry easily '' I....I...I just don't want to lose you i love you lusy i really do i don't want you to think im a bad person'' he said rubbing the back of his neck ''No liam i know your not a bad person'' i said getting up and kissing his lips he kissed back and he pulled away ''no you think im a bad person it was wrong what i did '' he replied oh i think hes still kinda drunk i took his hand and brought him to the bed ''here just sleep with me and in the morning we can all just forget about it okay?'' after i said that he just grabbed my waist and pulled me in bed with him i kissed his cheek and we both fell asleep 


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