Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


8. chapter 8

lusy's p.o.v 

we were on our way to niall's house i still cant believe he bought me all those clothes after i tolled him i had money he just bought everything i grabbed''hey you know you didn't have to buy me all that '' i said looking at him '' i love you and i would do anything for you'' he said i could tell he was blushing when he said he loved me i smiled '' i love you too thank you for the lovely evening '' i said he smiled and intertwined our finger still keeping his eyes on the road we got to niall's house liam got out of the car and rushed to my door and opened it i smiled and walked in the house hand in hand and i saw all of the boys already there with there girlfriends im guessing they boys all ran to liam and jumped on him ginger ran to me with the biggest smile planted on her face ''someones happy'' i said she hugged me ''i said yes so now we are official''  she smiled and jumped up and down niall came to ginger and wrapped his arms around her waist ''hey lusy hows it going'' niall smiled at me '' hello niall''i said then putting my attention on the three girls on the couch they got up and walked to me '' hey im perrie zayn's girlfriend this is eleanor louis girlfriend and this is Claire harry's girlfriend '' she said each of them hugging me '' hi im liam's girlfriend'' i smiled '' we know sweetie niall tolled us everything'' eleanor smiled dang niall already telling the whole world his big mouth oh well ''okay lady's ready to go watch a movie?'' liam said wrapping his arms around me i smiled and turned my head to him he kissed my nose '' yes we are'' ginger said facing perrie we walked to this room that looked like a movie theater i have only been to one two times when i was younger i opened my mouth ''whoa why do you have a movie theater in your house'' i said amazed liam smiled and so did niall '' well my dads friend build it for me i don't know why''niall replied i looked at ginger she was also surprised we all spread around  zayn with perrie,louis with eleanor,harry with claire,liam with me,and niall with ginger '' okay we are going to watch all of twilight movies'' niall shouted ''because the girls wanted to watch them'' niall added we all nodded i have never seen twilight i hope its not scary im not a big fan of scary movies as soon as niall started the movie i cuddled up next to liam '' do you like scary movies?'' liam whispered in my ear ''no not a big fan'' i whispered back ''okay then if we put one on you could be in my arms okay'' liam said kissing my cheek i smiled then louis had to ruin the moment and throw popcorn at us ''SHUT UP MOVIE STARTED'' he yelled we all laughed every time Bella had her romantic moments with Edward i just thought about me and liam doing the same we were finally done watching the movies they were amazing i loved them it was about 5 in the morning '' hey do you want to spend the night here with the rest of the fellas and the girls or do you want to go back home?'' liam asked '' whatever you want'' i said as i watched him stretch ''okay since everyone else is staying we can stay anyways niall has like 5 rooms in this house'' he said i nodded and started to yawn we all said our good nights and headed out to different rooms ''how is your body feeling?'' liam asked as we went into the covers of the soft bed '' oh much better it doesn't even hurt anymore actually'' i said looking straight into his brown eyes he smiled ''good''he said we kissed  passionately we then pulled away '' goodnight babe '' i said turning around '' sweet dreams love'' liam replied he pulled me to him and wrapped his legs around me I fell asleep with a smile on my face I woke up by the feeling of someone kissing my lips i opened my eyes to see liam kissing me '' i can get use to this '' i said scaring him ''good morning my love'' he said smiling i loved his husky sleepy voice in the morning '' good morning '' i said kissing his cheek ''what time is it?'' i asked ''4 in the afternoon'' he responded i sighed ''its late i just wasted my day in bed'' i moaned he smiled ''yea but you wasted it with me in bed'' he said laughing i smiled and got up i saw i was still in yesterdays clothes liam got up but he was only in his underwear i smiled at the view ''like what you see?'' he smiled i totally forgot i was staring i smiled'' very''i said smiling bigger he grabbed me and threw me on the bed and started kissing my neck i pushed him away ''ha your gonna try to do better then that to get me in bed with you'' i smiled '' oh your playing hard to get huh?'' liam smirked 

''you bet i am'' i answered i got up and fixed my hair ''im going to be downstairs'' i said opening the door he smiled and nodded as soon as i got down there i got attacked by everyone ''good morning to y'all too'' i said laughing they all laughed and took a sit at the table ''we are having waffles '' claire informed me and kissed harry ''aww lovebird'' i said smiling at them i went into the kitchen and grabbed a plate and putt two waffles in the plate i grabbed some orange juice and went to the table i saw niall with a plate that had 6 waffles '' dang boy'' was all i said he laughed well im hungry and i slept through breakfast ''but this is breakfast'' i said smiling he rolled his eyes ' you know what i mean''he smiled ginger then came in the room ''hey sleepyhead'' i said she just moaned and just waved ''niall your mean for leaving me alone''ginger teased and put a puppy face her puppy faces are irresistible i swear niall got up from his chair and kissed her lips how cute ''im sorry babe i didn't want to wake you and i was hungry stop making that puppy face it really makes me want to eat you all up if you know what i mean '' niall said hugging her ''niall you get turned in to easy'' she smiled i laughed she then sat down next to me'' so how was your night with liam?'' she asked ''it was fine what about you?'' i asked smiling at her ''awesome but niall kept kissing me '' she said turning to him he just laughed ''i cant help myself'' he replied soon enough liam came down ''GOOD MORNING EVERYONE'' he smiled and got a plate of waffles he sat next to niall ''pass the syrup perrie please '' he asked perrie smiled and passed it to him '' oh hey ginger  and lusy would y'all like to come with us to a party tonight at a friends house ?'' she asked "we are all going'' she added ''yes we would love to'' i said now is my chance to wear that new dress liam bought me ''what time?'' ginger asked '' at 8'' she answered great enough time to take ginger shopping for clothes i knew she needed them '' ginger get dressed im taking you shopping today'' i said standing up she nodded and ran upstairs 

ginger's p.o.v

i ran upstairs to get dressed quickly i put on some black shorts and a blue tank top with blue vans i put my hair up in a bun and ran back down ''ready'' i said to lusy she then walked to me ''okay liam and niall are coming with us liam is gonna drive me home to change really quick'' she said rushing out the door with me following we hoped on the black mustang and drove passed my parents house i got this bad feeling when we passed by niall noticed and held me tight  just closed my eyes and dug my face in his shirt we then made it to liam's place niall and I stayed in the car talking while liam and lusy changed ten minutes later they came out liam was wearing a red shirt with grey basketball shorts and a Bennie lusy was wearing black shorts like me and a red tank top ''oky we have 2 hours to shop so lets hurry'' lusy smiled and we were off we then got to this really big mall we walked in i was holding hands with niall and liam's arms were raped around lusy they are so cute lusy and i walked into this really pretty dress store and niall bought me a pink dress we then we went to different stores and niall bought me a lot of clothes his so sweet it was 7 so we hurried back and got ready i put the dress on it was pink with a white ribbon on the side forming a bow i curled my hair and walked downstairs ''you look beautiful'' niall complemented i blushed ''thanks'' i bit my bottom lip ''liam should be here soon to pick us up the other guys are already at the party'' he explained i nodded and kissed his cheek ''you are amazing'' i whispered he grabed my waist and pulled me close to him ''and your my one and only'' he whispered back sending chills down my spine   

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