Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


6. Chapter 6

Lusy's p.o.v


Me:hey ginger

Ginger:oh my god Lusy thank god you know how mad your parents are they went to look for you at my house and they almost killed me they had a knife and they were like where is she I was so scared where are you?" 

Me: ginger I'm so sorry I ran away and got badly hurt so this guy named liam rescued me and now we have a thing going on but don't worry about me I'm fine you need to run away from there before they hurt you more

Ginger: to where I have nowhere to go 

Me: you live really close to my cousins house run to there and I will call him to let him now here's te address right it down 

Ginger: okay I'm ready to go bye Lusy wish me luck I love you besti

Me:I love you too and good luck I know you will make it now go bye 

With that I hung up I called niall and let him know that se was on her way  
I hope she's okay I sighed and digged trough my bag for something to wear  I found my blue with white pokadots Blaise and my blue skinny jeans I put them on I only had my old blue converse so I put those on I went into the bathroom and put my hair up in a high ponytail I needed makeup so I went to my bag and got my eyeliner I walked downstairs and saw Liam sitting on the couch "umm liam?" I asked I actually didint know how I looked he turned around and opened his mouth "you look beautiful Lusy" e complimented I blushed "okay thanks" I said "oh liam my best friend is at niall's well I hope she is because she also ran away she was close to his house her parents are like mine yesterday they almost killed her because of me " I added trying to hold back my tears he came to me and hugged me "everything is going to be fine" he said kissing my forehead "now let's go we will go to see if she's at niall's house first is that okay?" He asked I nodded and we got out side he opened the car door for me "oh what a gentlemen " I teased he smiled" anything you want for you my lady" he said kissing my cheek I blushed we drove off to niall's house we knocked in the door there was no answer liam opened the door and we walked in we saw niall and ginger cuddling they were asleep I saw dry tears on gingers cheeks I gently shakes her and she woke up "hey ginger" I whispered she jumped up as niall almost fell "LUSY" she yelled and hugged me "your cousin is super sexy and sweet " she whispered as she hugged me I giggled "hey guys"niall said and hugged me after ginger did and then he did this little handshake with liam ha it was funny "if you want ginger can stay here with me she's actually really cool "niall said smiling at ginger blushed and looked at me "yea it's fine" I said to both of ten ginger smiled and made her thank you face I just laughed "we'll we are going on a date so see y'all around maybe tonight?" Liam suggested "yea sure " niall smiled and we went out the door 
Ginger's p.o.v
As soon as liam and Lusy left I threw myself on the couch I was really tired and I was scared about my parents finding me niall jumped next to me "hey do you want to eat?" Niall asked "yes I'm starving " I replied he understood since I told him about my life he walked to the kitchen I stayed there staring at the ceiling and fell asleep I felt a tap I slowly opened my eyes and saw niall and a plate of nachos I got up and shoved them in my mouth he laughed "I like the way you eat " he laughed harder I just smiled "oh shut up if you were starving like me you would understand " I said in an anger way but at the same time just saying it he then sat next to me and held me close "you know I like fisty  girls like you" he said holding me tight I started laughing "yeah but this feisty girl is going to kill you if you don't let her eat " I teased he smiled and tickled me I started bursting out laughing I am very ticklish very "NO...NIALL ...PLEASE NO " I yelled in between laughs  stopped and just fell in top of me I smiled "your poking me with something it feels...." I then noticed "EW NIALL.....GROSS Do you have a boner no you don't eww gross I lost my appetite" I said grossed out but then smiling "I'm sorry it's just you turn me on and plus its not my fault when I was tickling you your boob slipped out!!" He teased I just gasped "did it really?" I asked he nodded "yes!" He screamed how embracing first day with the guy and already he seem my boobs ugh "hey don't cry" he said getting off of me I was crying?" No I wasn't how I don't know why "Im not crying" I sobbed WTF "it's okay I'm sorry I saw you I'm sorry for tickling you "he apologized I just stared at him" no it's fine I mean it was an accidents don't even know why I'm crying this is weird " I said to him he smiled "good" he simply said I smiled back I was about to say something until I felt his lips touch mine I got shocked for a minute but kissed back it felt real it felt good this was my first kiss actually he pulled away and looked down "umm" he said looking at the floor I smiled and sat closer to him and ran my fingers through his hair "niall it was amazing thank you " I thanked him he looked at me surprised "WHAT you mean you actually liked it? I have never met a girl like you " he smiled I nodded yes "niall I like you  seem like a trust worthy guy you know very sweet very smart and I know I seen you before around the neighborhood once in a while from my window" I said smiling "oh that was you I always saw a pretty face from a window I loved looking at her every time I passed by so your that girl that threw that notebook out the window?" He asked I thought for a minute "uhh i don't know I don't remember?" I said to him he got up and went to his room he came back with a familiar pink notebook I then noticed it was the notebook my mother threw out the window because if the things I wrote "umm did you read any of those thing in there?" I asked "well yeah I did I read it said you loved my blond hair and beautiful blue eyes and the way I walked......... And my bum !!!!" He teased and talked in a girly voice ah man he did read ugh he's so cute though "how embracing" I thought "no it's not its actually cute he said giving me back my notebook did I actually just say that out loud? Uppps

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