Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


5. Chapter 5

Liam's p.o.v

I picked her up from the ground and bright her to my room on the bed "your safe here with me" I said to her setting her down on the bed "thank you so much" she whispered I kissed her golden brown hair "I'm just scared that my parents find me and you get hurt I really like you liam you actually brought me here and nursed me I trust you your really handsome too " she said looking into my eyes her green eyes lightened and she giggled "I know I'm handsome " I teased she laughed "do you want to watch a movie or something" I questioned "yes but I'm gonna say it now I haven't seen a movie or seen tv in like 3 years so don't act suprise if I ask you stupid questions" she said smiling I laughed "okay well have you seen toy story" I asked her "no " she replied I was actually surprised that's like the best movie ever "well we are going to watch toy story your gonna love it" I stated she smiled I got up and put the CD into the tv and it started to play we stayed up watching all 3 toy story movies she loved them "umm liam?" She asked "yes?" 
"Do you think you will ever you know love me?" She asked that a weird question I looked right into her green eyes they were turning dark as if she was hurt "of corse I would love you I think I'm actually falling in love with you now" I said with a big grin in my face she turned her head facing the wall and then faced me again "I you liam even if we just meet it feels like we have been friends for like ever " she contested I started to blush big time  "I love you too Lusy " I said pecking her cheek she smiled "good" she said I laughed "good?" I asked her "yeah It good that you love me I'm really head over heels for you" she laughed I yawned "I know I am too" I said rubbing my eyes "I'm gonna let you rest ill be in the other room if you need me I'm going to bed also okay?" I said to her "um liam do you mind sleeping with me?" She asked I thought she would never ask I nodded and took my shirt off She turned away "sorry I didn't know you were changing" she said I laughed "it's okay I take my shirt off when I sleep " I explained she blushed I then slipped in the bed and held her waist and pulled her to me "ahh LIAM don't scare me like that " she screamed at me I smiled "sorry love" I hold her tighter "liam?"she asked "hmm" I replied
She turned to me our nose touching "I have never felt so good being in someone's arms"
She stated "and I love it " she added I kissed her forehead and with that we fell asleep in each others arms 
I woke up by the sunlight hitting my face I reached to my right but Lusy wasn't there I shot up from bed "LUSY!!" I yelled "I'm done here babe" she yelled back did she call me babe haha cute I walked into the kitchen "what are you doing?" I asked "making breakfast I feel a lot better today" she said smiling real big "I'm glad you do" I said grabbing one of the bacons she slapped my hand "NO not yet" she made a pouting face I got some flour and threw at her face she gasped she got some of the pancake mix and threw it on me "oh that's how you want it huh?"I smiled I grabbed her ad took her to the living room couch "then let me show you how u want it" I started tickling her she laughed hard "s..sto..stop" she said between laugh "liam p..please you can treat a p..pri...princess like this" she said I laughed and let go of her "you might be a princess in your world but in my world your a queen and I'm your king so I do what I want to you " we both laughed and then 
We kissed se let go "I didn't tell you to stop" I teased she smiled as then she punched me under her and she was in top of me "I didn't say I was going to stop" she said kissing me again I slid my hand down her shirt to we're her stomach was and she put her hand on my chest she pulled away "no no no sir we haven't even gone on the date " she said ha she's amazing "oh right I have something special planed " I said standing up from the couch "THE BACON!!!" She yelled and ran to the kitchen she started laughing "they almost burned see what you did " she teased "oh so it's my fault your so damn irresistible " I laughed she blushed "shut up liam" she said putting the bacon and the pancakes on the table we sat down and ate when we finished she ran upstairs "I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready" she yelled "but it's barely 1 in the afternoon and the date is at 4" I yelled back at her "yeah do you know how long it take a girl to get ready " she said closing the bathroom door 
Lusy's p.o.v
I ran upstairs and in the bathroom I took a quick shower and washed my hair I came out and wrapped the towel around me I walked into the room and looked through my backpack I took out my phone and saw I had 3 messages I unlocked it and it 
Read: hey it's Ginger where are you
Ginger:hey please call
Ginger: in worried please call I'm getting worried 
Ginger is my best friend her parents are also just like mine but they don't rape her they just abuse her a lot I decided to call her it was ringing

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