Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


4. Chapter 4

Lusy's p.o.v


"Yeah ill tell you later about what happened" I said to him and faked a smile

"okay well this is harry,Louis,and zayn" he said smiling I smiled at them "hello" I said they were all handsome but the one who stood out was liam he was sexy

"hey" they all said "so liam where is the food ?" Harry asked "oh yeah ill be right back " he got up and left I also got up and walked into the kitchen were he was "what are you doing here you need to rest your body?" Liam said to me "uhh well I think my body rested enough I mean 2 days in bed and I wanted to help" I lied I actually felt really awkward over there with all those guys even if my cousin was over there "oh well okay ill give you the less heavy stuff okay?" He said I nodded he picked up a big pan and almost drops it I bent down because of my reflex and helped pick it up before it fell he laughed "good catch are you okay " he said I was trying to hold in the pain a tear rolled out my eye he put the pan down and came to me to wipe of my tear we were inches away from our face he leaned in and I felt him breathing on me I just went for it and kissed him he just went with it and kissed back soon it then out to be a make out session "hey what's taki....... Ahhhh umm sorry " niall walked I on us we pulled away fast and looked down "uhh yeah umm here take this over there he gave the pan to  niall he took it and went in the dinning room "uhh haha wow "liam said awkwardly just standing there I started laughing "we'll that was weird "I said he smiled "it was amazing just like you" I smiled of how cheesy that sounded but I blushed at the same time " we'll I think we should head down to the dinning room" I said as he grabbed the silverwares "yeah can you get that bowl right there please" he said I grabbed it and went in the dinning room "hey everyone" I smiled to all the boys " hey liam I mean (fake cough) Lusy" zayn teased I rolled my eyes and smiled "so how was the kiss?" Louis asked liam walked in "it was like fireworks" he smiled I looked at him surprised and then took a sit next to niall "already told everyone?" I whispered in his ear he smiled "it's My job to gossip" he replied I giggled "so Lusy I heard you and liam are going on a date " harry smiled wide I laughed "well yeah tomorrow but I don't know where we are going ?" I replied liam looked at me "it's a surprise" he said while serving the food "oh okay I don't want to eat thank you I'm full from the food you gave me thank you" I said to liam he nodded and gave the boys food we chatted for about an hour and then we went into the living room and say in a circle "so do y'all want to play truth or dare?"zayn requested we all agreed "okay we start with Lusy truth or dare?" Harry asked "UHHH dare" I said they all "uuhed and ohhhed" "ha you ready for the dare?" Harry said I got scared "y..yea" I said "hey go easy on her she's been through a lot " liam pointed out "fine ill go easy" harry pouted "okay Lusy I dare you to go in that closet kiss liam for about 5 minutes" I sighed and got up and took Liam's hand "you sure?" Harry asked I nodded "I'm sure" I giggled I'm giggling a lot today I like it we went into the closet and I heard the boys get closer to the door "okay guys louis is going to start the timer when we say to you go" harry explained "alright mate " liam said "okay go " harry yelled liam got closer and leaned in I leaned in as well and our lips touched it was great we were making out he put his hands on my waist and I put mine on his neck then the door opened we didn't stop we kept going the lads were taking pictures I smiled through the kiss "okay times up" louis yelled but we didn't stop "GUYS COME ON " zayn said covering his eyes "get a room" harry added liam closed the door of the closet and then let go I couldn't even breath he was breathing hard too he then pulled me close to him our body's gently touching "I will protect you and take good care of you " he whispered to me I smiled but I don't think he could tell it was dark in here "thanks I said putting my head on his chest hearing his heart beat going faster and faster we then came out of the closet and someone splashed water on us the boys started to laugh "y'all.... ...much" harry said between laughs at the end of the night the boys were leaving "bye guys it was nice meeting y'all it was awesome" I said waving to them as they go in there car "hey Lusy here's all our numbers if you need us " niall said handing me each of there numbers and then he hugged me "bye niall thanks and the reason it hurt when you hugged was because my parents were chasing me down this forest and then I triped and fell in a hill " I explained trying t hold back tears "why were you getting chased by your parents?" He asked I sighed "we'll I haven't tolled any of our family because I didn't want to get in y'all involved and get y'all hurt " I explained controlling my voice "uh Lusy you should if said something you know we love you and we would if taken you away from them " he said hugging me again "do you want to come to my house and sleep over there?" He asked worried "no I'm fine here if that's okay I would like to stay here with liam?" I said staring right into his blue eyes he nodded and hugged me one last time and left I closed the door and slid down from the door and cryed "LUSY what's wrong?" Liam said bending down next to me I hugged him tight "I'm scared liam I'm scared" he hugged me back carefully and picked me up from the floor.

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