Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


3. Chapter 3

Liam's p.o.v


"I promise" I said crossing my heart I didn't really mean to sound perverted or anything like that

"Umm so I'm going to close my eyes and help you take your clothes off is that okay? " I asked she blushed and nodded "tell me when you feel uncomfortable" I said and she nodded again I closed my eyes tight and started taking her sweats off she jumped once my hands touched her warm body "your cold" she giggled I smiled I then took her shirt off " umm this is gonna be awkward but do I have to help you with your underwear and bra?" I asked her she laughed "no I think I can do that myself" she said I helped her out of the counter carefully without looking put her down "thanks" she said "but I kinda feel much better the reason it probably hurt was because I wasn't stretching but my body doesn't hurt as much " she explained I smiled then I felt her soft lips touch my cheek I blushed hard "what was that for?" I asked I don't even care what it was for Im just happy she did it she is so beautiful she needs to be mine but I need to make her feel safe with me and we need to spend time together " I'm so sorry I ..I just couldn't help myself I just didn't know how to thank you for all this I actually feel really safe with you I'm sorry for doing that " she said all worried "no no I liked it thanks" oh god did I just say I liked it I just messed it up at least she feels safe with me "oh good okay well can you help me start the water ?" She asked I could feel her smiling "yes I'm going to open my eyes but I'm going to turn around okay?" I asked her "okay go ahead" she said I turned around and turned on the water "OUCH" she yelled I got scared I didn't know what to do I turned around and saw her only in her underwear no bra I quickly closed my eyes "sorry sorry sorry " I said she started to crack up laughing so hard "what's so funny ?"I asked "it's just you...." She stopped to catch her breath "never mind it's just funny your face your expression " she giggled "well you scared me why did you scream ouch" I questioned "we'll I was taking my bra off and it hurt everytime I moved my arms a lot I'm sorry to scare you " she apologized I smiled "it's alright but let's hurry it's almost time " I heard her hop in the shower "all you have to do is wash my back and that's all is that okay? " she said "yeah okay " I replied I started to wash her back "woah there buddy to low" she said I laughed "sorry I can't see " I said she stayed quiet I kept washing her back until she said it was fine for me to leave "okay ill be downstairs I'm going to keep the door open so you yell for me when your done okay?" I said to her "sounds good "she replied I walked off as soon as I got downstairs I heard the doorbell I walked up to the door and opened it "HEY LADS" I yelled "HEY" they all said back then walked in "go sit in the table ill be right back "I said to all of them they did as I said I ran upstairs to close the bedroom door until I heard Lusy call I walked to the bathroom "yes?"I said "can you help me get out I already wrapped myself in this towel "she said I helped her out and brought we in the room "okay let's help you put this shirt on "I said she smiled ''hold on let me put my bran and stuff on " she said smiling I turned around to face the wall"okay done"she said I turned around with my eyes closed "it's okay just open your eyes I don't really mind as long as you don't stare at me for long " she laughed I opened my eyes she had a nice body actually "hey I said dont stare "she yelled "oh oh sorry sorry "I laughed and turned to get her the sweats and a shirt I found the smallest sweats and shirt I could find and helped her get in them " thanks liam" she thanked me I nodded "uh Lusy can I just say that I know that we just meet but I really like you " I blushed I couldn't hold it in anymore  I felt like I knew her forever though the way we acted around each other "I like you too liam" she said back "really? "I was in shock "yeah" she giggled "good then would you go on a date with me tomorrow ?"I asked her She put on her thinking face and smiled showing her perfect white teeth "yes I would love too" she answered "great I promise to take you back home before midnight" I smiled we both laughed "okay come on let's to meet the lads "I said to her she smiled and nodded I helped her down the steps and set her on the table chair next to niall and I sat beside her "hey boys this is Lusy " I intrudused   her to the lads her face went wide when she saw niall "niall?" She asked he turned to her "Lusy what are you doing here?" He asked her "y'all know each other" I interrupted "yes niall is my cousin he moved here a long time ago but I never got to see him that often "she said happily "yeah last time we saw each other was 4 years ago" he smiled and hugged her "owwwww niall stop it hurts your hurting me" he pulled away quickly "I'm sorry I barely squeezed  you" he said

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