Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


24. Chapter 23

*3 months later* 

lusy's p.o.v

Today we get to now if it's a girl or a boy so happy liam and I hopped on the car "are you happy" he asked getting a hold of my hand I had a little bump in my stomach "oh yess I am I am so happy " I said smiling big he smiled we finally arraved to the hospital we came in to the desk "how can I help y'all lovely couple?" The lady asked " yes we have an appointment with doctor penny today to check our baby gender" liam spoke she nodded and typed in on her computer 


"okay just have a sit in the waiting room and wait to be called thank you" she said we headed to a sit next to a young couple that looked about 20 years old " hello" I said sitting next to them " hey" she said hidding her face "oh are you checking up on your baby too?" I asked " uhh yes I am " she said still hidding her face I looked down to her feet she was wearing some very familiar shoes I shrugged it off though but then I saw a her bracelet that looked very very familiar Then I looked at my bracelet it was the exact same design but mine said my name I liked closer "ginger?" I asked she looked up to me her face red " uh hi Lusy" what is she doing here " are you ?" I asked she nodded "why didint you tell me?" I asked "ms.jackson and me.payne?" We heard them call I stood up and gave ginger a we will talk about this later glance and she nodded 

"hey nice to see y'all again"Mady said smiling 

"nice to see you too" I said smiling back we walked into a small room where the doctor was waiting 

"hello doctor penny" liam said sitting I a chair 

" hello guys okay Lusy lay here " she explained I layed on the little table bed thing she lifted up my shirt and put some really cold gel on my tummy I smiled 

" ha oh yeah it might tickle " she warned late 

"yeah I feel that" I said back she put the monitor on my belly "okay let's see here" 

she started to feel around "aha there it is" she made me jump a little "yes doctor what is it" liam stood up and stood Nader to my bed 

"it's a boy" she said excitedly 

i smiled " oh really aww" I said liam stayed in shock 

"okay thanks doctor"I said standing up she smiled and left he room I put my shirt down after I cleaned my stomach liam cracked his lips on mine out of nowhere I kissed back "this is so exiting we are having a boy" he said after he pulled away I smiled we left and I went to see if ginger was still in the waiting room she wasent I guess ill have to call her later 

We headed to our car "um liam ?" I said he turned to me "yes?" " I applied for a job yesturday and they accepted please don't stop me I know I need to rest cuz of the baby but we knee to get money for our baby" I said he stared at me for a minute thinking of what to say 

"I understand what kind of job did you get?" He asked sounding worried 

"don't worry it's nothing big it's just making cupcakes like a bakery " I said he sighed "okay as long as it isint anything heavy for you " he smiled we started driving home 

"ginger is pregnant " I blurted 

He stayed silent and gulped "I know" 

"what his do you know she berraly tolled me " I kinda yelled " well niall tolled me I know I should of tolled you but ginger said not to tell you " he said almost in a whisper "and you listened to her" I said "well it's her baby not ours she dosent have to tell you" he said which made me mad I feel like ginger and I are drifting apart "you don't get it liam so don't tell me that it isint my buisness  to know "" I yelled he stopped the car in the curve 

" look I'm sorry okay they just tolled me not to then I didint just please don't yell at me " he said apologizing "who else knows?" I asked ignoring him " all the boys and the girls" he said sighing after "great everyone knows exept me " I murmured I was really mad

"look you are mad over something dumb it's probably the baby " liam said I looked at him "you think everything is the baby" I spat he stayed quite like if I hurt him "sorry I'm just pissed yeah I guess it is the baby" I said no it wasent the baby it's diffrent I just can't believe it I should of been the second person she tolled after niall Im here best friend for goodness sake "it's ok" liam said we finally got home I went up to my room and sat on the edge of the bed thinking when I heard a knock "come in" I replied ginger walked in

"oh what do you want?" I asked

"we'll what's wrong with the attitude?" She asked 

"well why didint you tell me you were pregnant and you tolled everyone else " I spat. At her 

she looked a me and then sat next to me

"I thought if I tolled you ,you would of been all like you copied me all you wanted to do is be like me" she explained 

"what why would I do that or say that" I looked at her

"because you used to say that to me all the time when we were little you always said how I wanted to be you and how I wanted to be like you I copied to much. " she explained I honestly don't remember anything

"oh that was the past I'm sorry I know you like kids it's cool we are both pregnant" I said smiling "ha yeah I guess I just the truth was I actually did want to be like you I always thought you were way prettier than me" she said sad 

"oh no you are beautiful ginger " I said hugging her she smiled

"thanks" she pulled away

"so how long have you been pregnant?" I asked her looking at her belly bump 

"uh 3 months I figured out I was pregnant a day before you I was going to call but you called me and tolled me I didn't want to tell you " she explained I smiled "oh okay but awwww cute " I said we both went down to the living room and sat on the couch everyone was here  

"congratulation it's a boy " the girls came and hugged me "and what is your a boy or a girl?" Perrie asked ginger "girl" she admitted I gasped "lucky I wanted a girl but a boy is also fine " I said she laughed 

"so have you desided what to name your baby?" Eleanor asked I nodded and looked at liam 

"Alex" liam said and smiled at me 

"awwwww" they all said 

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