Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


22. Chapter 21

Liam's p.o.v

"Now lets get you cleaned up okay?" I said kissing her nose I feel so bad for her I really do love her I picked her up from the tub and cleaned the blood from the tub then I turned on hot water "thank you liam" she whispered to herself but I managed to hear her I turned and hugged her " your welcome "I said pulling away I helped her strip her clothes off and she hopped in the shower "I'm going to put some clothes out in the bed for you " I said coming out of the bathroom " okay " was all she said she still sounded upset I closed the bathroom door and walked to the closet I took out some pajama shorts and one of my large shirts I don't know what kind of under wear she wants so I'm going to let her pick that I threw myself on the bed and looked at the ceiling waiting for her soon enough she peeked her head out her hair wet and dripping "do you mind getting me a towel" she asked I nodded and gave her a towel "thanks" she simply said and closed the door I heard the blow dryer go off and then she came out 20 minutes later she put her underwear on and her clothes she walked to me and stared "what's wrong?"I asked she just shrugged "it's nothing " she said sitting next to me "no it's something tell me " I begged "I just never thought someone would love me this much " she admitted I smiled and kissed her lips they tasted like strawberry with a hint of beer she kissed back but pulled away I have her a weird look she chuckled " I taste like beer that's unattractive " she smiled "no you taste good it's very attractive " I smiled she laughed ah there it is that beautiful laugh of hers "lets make a deal lets start all over and forget all the things that happened ever happened " I said kissing her forehead " hi I'm Lusy what's your name " she extended her hand out to me " not that far to the start " I laughed which made her laugh "okay fine " she said "oh wait but I have to tell the girls that I'm okay " she started to get up but I pulled her to lay next to me " it's okay they came over earlier and checked on you " I explained she nodded "is Lesley feeling better?" She asked "oh yes she is she just needed some more sleep looked like she was up late last night " I explained to her " she dint see what happened right?" She asked I nodded a no " she was sleeping in our room while that happened " I smirked she sighed in relief "goodnight " I said pulling her to me closer " goodnight " she said kissing my cheek I put my legs around her legs and we fell asleep

''good morning'' i heard lusy whisper in my ear sending chills down my spine i opened my eyes ''morning beautiful'' i said giving her a peck in the lips '' lesley invited us to go over so we can go see the tree house she put new things in there do you want to go?'' she asked ''sure'' i sighed ''you okay babe'' she leaned in and kissed my cheek i turned to admire her she was so beautiful with her messy morning hair i nodded ''im fine '' i got up from the bed and walked in the bathroom ''hey liam?'' she asked for me ''yes lusy '' she opened the bathroom door and came in she sat on the counter i went to her and she wrapped her legs

around my waist 

''thank you for everything i love you'' she said but before i could say anything she crashed her lips on mine we both pulled away ''im lucky to have you'' i whispered 

she giggled and jumped off the counter '' im going to change and make breakfast anything you want in particular?'' she asked i nodded ''okay then i will make us both a sandwich

i smiled in agreement and she zoomed out 


lusy's p.o.v 

i wasn't really going to make a sandwich that's boring im actually going to make one of my best hot rolls which is like a type of bread with anything you want in it im going to make it pizza flavor 

i rushed down to make it after i was done i heard the shower stop yes right in time i rushed upstairs to change i put on some rainbow jean shorts and a superman shirt i quickly went back down

to set the table up for breakfast i put two rolls in each of our plates and then i got some orange juice and poured on two glasses soon enough he came down he was also wearing a superman shirt with long jeans i laughed ''what's so funny?'' he asked i got up and showed him my shirt ''ohh ha that's cute'' he said sitting in the table ''i thought you were making a sandwich'' he said looking down at the rolls ''nope i think this is much better'' i said biting down on one of them he took a bite after i did ''that's really good'' he said with his mouth full i laughed i tolled you and eww liam'' i said taking another bite i soon felt really sick i rushed to the restroom and threw up i felt someone rubbing my back it was liam ''are you okay i think we should stay you don't look good'' he said walking in the kitchen and handed me a cup of water i flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth '' i don't understand i felt good this mo...'' i got interrupted by this sensation i ran to the toilet again ''i think you drank too much'' liam said rubbing my back again i stood up '' no liam i only drank a beer and like 2 drinks not a lot '' i said still bending down close to the toilet i then got eye widened what if im pregnant it wasn't long ago when we had it '' liam what if im pregnant'' i blurted out he stood there looking at me for a second and then talked ''umm i don't know do you want me to go to the store and get the thing'' he said i looked at him and nodded ''okay ill be back '' he said heading out i grabbed my phone and called ginger i really feel like talking to her 

''hello?'' she asked 

''hey ginger umm can i talk to you'' i asked she stayed silent for a moment 

''oh yes sorry i went to my room you sound worried what's wrong?'' she said worried

''i think im pregnant liam went to the store real quick to get me the pregnant test thing'' i couldn't even talk i felt sick

''well if you are isn't that great?'' she asked 

i smiled '' i think but i don't know what if liam doesn't want a baby i don't even think im ready'' i admitted

''don;t say that im sure he will love to have a baby'' she said happily

''okay well Im sorry i cant go over tell lesley i said it was an emergency and that i will go tomorrow'' i apologized 

''sure thing good luck'' ginger said

''thanks bye''


i hung up and layed on the couch waiting for liam after about 10 minutes he came in ''sorry i didn't know how many to get'' he said handing me 3 of them i walked to the restroom and did what i had to do i came out and showed liam there was one positive and two not 

''im taking you to the doctor tomorrow okay?'' he said hugging me i smiled 

''alright'' was all i said 

''liam if i am pregnant is it good or bad'' i asked looking straight into his chocolate eyes they lightened ''it's a good thing I would love to have a baby especially with you'' he admitted i smiled '' good'' 







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