Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


20. chapter 20

lusy p.o.v

''morning sleepyhead'' i smiled as i saw liam walk downstairs ''morning babe '' he replied and kissed my cheek ''i have to go in a bit to go with the girls '' i explained he smiled ''okay have fun don't stay to long and niall and the boys are coming over later is that fine'' he asked  i nodded ''it's your house you can do whatever'' i said handing him some toast ''it's our house '' he smiled i smirked ''well im gonna get ready it's already 12 and there coming around 2 '' i said running up to our room i walked into my closet and looked around what should i wear? I took out a rolling stone shirt and slipped it on and some white skinny jeans I put my white converse on and went to look for my phone i looked all over the room couldn't find it i looked in the bathrooms couldn't find it ''liam have you seen my phone?'' i asked he came up and handed it to me ''where was it?'' i asked '' in the kitchen charging'' he smiled ''oh thanks'' i smiled and gave him a hug i unlocked my phone and saw that there was a big paragraph on my notes i read it ''liam it wasn't really charging in the kitchen was it you took my phone and wrote all this'' i smiled as a kept reading it said how much he loved me and how beautiful I was liam laughed o was blushing we kissed ''i love you'' i said ''i love you more'' he replied my phone buzzed 

" oh hold on " I excused myself and looked at the txt it was Claire 

To: Lusy 

from: Claire 

          Hey babe are you ready we will be there to pick you up in 5 minutes 



       Hey yes I'm ready thanks

"I'm about to go " I smiled at liam 

" okay babe have fun " he kissed my forehead I hugged him and piked up my purse and phone and started to walk outside right when I stepped out the girls came I waved and ran to the car I opened the back door and there sat Eleanor and ginger in the front was perrie and Claire 

"hiiiiiiiiiiiiii girl" ginger said hugging me we all laughed "hey guys where is Lesley ?" I asked "oh she wasent felling well so I left her with niall since he was just planing to go to Liam's place maybe she could go with him" ginger explained I nodded I responded "okay so we think we should go to the mall first ?" Perrie asked "and then to the bar" she added I wasn't sure about the bar because I didn't look good for a bar but then again we were all wearing skinny jeans "uhh yea sure" I smiled they all nodded we went to the mall and bought some clothes and jewelry we were now on our way to the bar it was like  5 "hey do y'all want to eat first?" Claire asked "well I'm not that hungry " I admitted they all agreed to not eat till later tonight we made it to a small bar we went in the smell of beer and liqueur filled the are with a hint of cigar but it didn't bother me "okay let's get some drinks" ginger said excitedly the music was loud but I could hear her a little we made our way to the bar tender 5 of your lightest drinks please " perrie smiled I don't know if this was a good idea but I don't want to ruin their fun she handed me a beer and a glass full of this yellow liquid "after this lets dance " Claire smiled we nodded we finished our drinks and they all got up " ill catch up later I'm going to get another drink " I said walking away from them I ordered another one of those drinks perrie handed me little did I know that it could get me drunk in seconds I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned to see a young man looked around the age of 20 maybe 19 "want to dance"he sticked out his hand for me to grab "sure" I grabbed his hand and he lead me to another little spot in the corner we danced for a bit until he put his hands on my waist his touch reminded me if liam my back was turned to his chest without thinking I started to grind on him I could feel the bulge in his pants begging for more "hey what do you say we get out of here and head to your place " he asked I was to drunk to think "okay come on " I grabbed his hand and since it wasn't a long walk I decided to walk with him I bursted through my house doors and fell he picked me up from the ground and slammed me on the wall kissing my neck I let out a slight moan as he found my sweet spot "WHAT THE HELL " I heard a familiar voice it was liam I turned to see him and the boys in the kitchen table liam stood up and pushed the guy off of me "oh lighten up liam I'm just having fun " what am I saying no I didn't mean to say that "WHAT" liam yelled at me the guy looked at me and signaled me to call him and he left through the doors and ran "I said I was just having some fun " I repeated "O MY GOD LUSY ARE YOU FUCKING DRINK?" He yelled I laughed "oh shut up and look what you did you made him get aw.." I couldn't finish my question as I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach soon enough I was throwing up all over liam and I then collapsed intop of him everything went black I woke up on the couch with a blanket around me I stood up quickly and then felt my head throbbing ugh hang over wait what happened last night all I remembered was coming in with a stranger and getting caught by liam OH MY GOD LIAM "LIAM" I yelled worried I checked the time it was midnight I walked up the satires and into the room he was sleeping I got closer and saw tear staines in his cheeks no what did I do no he hates me now I ruined it I kneeled down on the floor and put my hands in my face and began to cry I'm being such a spoiled brat ever since liam asked me out I caused his tears I caused everything from the moment I accepted to stay with him I got up from the ground mad at myself and stormed in the restroom I locked the door behind me and saw a razor blade I took it and sat on the tub I reached my arm out and started to stick the blade in my skin it was so painful I started to sob but I didn't care I heard a knock on the bathroom door " Lusy are you in here" I heard Liam's slept voice call "i..m so...rry" I whispered as I kept cutting myself "LUSY WHAT ARE YOU DOING OPEN UP" he yelled which made me flinch a little "no liam it's my fault " I managed to yell out then I started to squirm in pain "LUSY" he yelled again before I knew it the door was slammed against the wall and broken I CRYED louder "Lusy stop that " he pulled the blade off my hand and threw it on the sink he took me and pulled me to him and I cryed on his chest after a while I stopped and pulled away "liam I'm leaving this house in the morning I know you say that I'm not trouble but I am I'm nothing but trouble I have been a total bitch to you and I have been a spoiled brat " I said trying to hold back my tears "Lusy stop we might have ups and downs in life and I can accept them I love you Lusy and I won't sop loving you I know I got mad when you came inhere with another man I thought you were getting back at me for what I did at that party that's why I was made then when I picked you up from the floor and put you on the couch you started to mumble things " he said with tears coming down his cheeks "what did I say" I asked "you said I knew it was a bad idea to go to that bar I just couldn't help myself that guy reminded me of liam so bad I wanted him I'm sorry liam I love you" he explained I smiled"I'm sorry liam but I have to go I'm stupid and worthless" I admitted he stood up with anger tuning through his eyes "LUSY YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS YOUR EXPENSIVE YOU ARE NOT JUST A TRASH YOU PICK UP ON THE STREETS YOU ARE AS SENSITIVE AS GLASS YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME I LOVE YOU AND I WON'T STOP LOVING YOU I won't " he whispered the last part his words shocked me he really does love me doesn't he he sat back down beside me and hold me tight in his arms he took my arm and kissed everyone of my cuts even if they were bloody " I love you more than anything " he said kissing my arm again "I love you liam I'm sorry for what happened I thought you hated me after what I did that's why I ran I the bathroom and did this I thought I was going to lose you" I admitted he smiled "I'm just glad you are okay now " he said "now let's clean you up okay?" He said kissing my nose

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