Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


17. chapter 17

liam's p.o.v

the girls went to the back and niall and I went to lesley's room ''i want to paint lesley's room pink she doesn't know yet but we should it while the girls are painting the tree house ''niall explained i nodded ''you want me to help?'' i asked ''yes please'' he said ''so how do you like lesley so far?'' i asked out of the blue ''it's like if she was part of our family she eats a lot and she isn't shy at all and she is always happy i love that little girl'' he said smiling wow he looked happy ''good she is very sweet'' i said we walked out back to go find the girls then a random dog jumped on niall ''hey ben what's up'' niall said petting him what the i didn't know he had a dog that was a pretty big dog ''im so sorry daddy he just jumped out'' lesley yelled it's cute how she just calls him daddy ''it's okay'' he yelled back ''niall you knew about this''ginger asked he nodded  ''last night when i went to put the paint in here i saw lesley whispering to someone so i went to see who and ben here thought i was a bad person so he jumped on me that's how we meet'' he laughed ''can we keep him?'' ginger yelled  ''yea sure i have always wanted a dog '' he said '' and he can guard the house when im not here and protect my two pretty's'' he added lesley ''okay y'all girls paint the tree house and liam and I will be getting stuff '' niall winked at me to tell me to start walking inside as i did

lusy's p.o.v

''okay bye guys'' lesley yelled we all waved as they went inside ''okay so what color do you want to start with?'' i asked ''neon green'' lesley and ginger yelled i laughed ''but first lets take this poster's out of the wall's and set them outside '' i said gently pulling them out the wall so they wouldn't rip lesley went into another section of the tree house and ginger helped me pull out the poster's 

''i feel like all this is a dream'' ginger admitted ''what do you mean'' i asked her ''well it's weird that we actually found people who love us so much it's like if our parent's beat us up so hard we fell into a coma and dreamed about living a perfect life you have been dreaming of'' she explained i felt a tear roll down my cheek ''and it's hard to believe that niall would love a girl that is ratchet and ugly'' i stared at her ''dont say that you are beautiful and precious your fragile don't let yourself believe that your worthless you are strong''i said trying to hold back tears as i specked she hugged me tight '' thank you lusy for everything for helping me get to him and helping me build up the courage to run away from that hell'' she said i hugged her tight ''mommy are you okay?'' lesley said with a confused face ''yes babe im fine are you done taking posters and stuff out?'' ginger said looking at the pile of papers and posters she had in her hand she nodded  

''umm yeah can we paint now?'' she said 

''yes let me get the brushes'' ginger said and walked down to get the brushes

she handed us brushes and we separated into different rooms and I started painting one of the little rooms green I can't stop thinking about what ginger said what if we are really just dreaming what if we are just in a coma what if ''ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' I screamed as i fell through a hole but something broke my fall i looked down and saw the shirt was caught into a piece of wood ''GINGER HELP ME'' i yelled for help but no response is this it no i can't give up ''SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE '' i kept yelling until i felt someone grabbing my shirt and pulling me back up i started to cry I turned around to see ben licking my face ''tha...nk ..y..ou ben'' i said between sobs and hugging him tight i heard footsteps running in the room ''what's going on why are you hugging ben'' i turned to see liam he noticed i was crying then he saw the hole '' o my god lusy are you okay what just happened'' he asked nervous i wiped my tears away ''i fell in that hole and my shirt got caught on that piece of wood and i cried for help but nobody heard me i was so scared liam but ben came and helped me'' i started to cry again of thought going across my head because no one heard me and if ben didn't help me i would of fell right through there and broken my neck or something ''lusy im sorry i wasn't here to help I fell so worthless'' he said the words he said stung me '' no ..yo..ur not stop saying that it's not your fault i was thinking about stuff and didn't notice where i was going '' i stopped crying and i got mad from him saying that he was worthless ''bu.'' i cut him of by kissing him on the lips ''don't even say that again you hear me'' i demanded he nodded      

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