Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


16. chapter 16

lusy's p.o.v

''liam please'' i begged for the hundreds time he finally put me down ''thank you'' i said he smirked ''well you shouldn't have threw that spoon at me'' he explained i laughed '' i know im sowwy baby '' i said in a baby voice he pulled me close to him and kissed my nose ''it's okay smoochy boo-boo'' he said i laughed ''w..what'' i couldn't stop laughing he let me go and walked away ''no okay okay im sorry it's cute'' i said grabbing his wrist he turned around and laughed ''I know its chessy but it just sounds so good on you'' he smiled i grabbed his arm and pulled him upstairs with me ''lets go to sleep tomrrow we are waking up early to go to ginger's house because we are helping them paint is that okay?'' i asked he nodded and striped his clothes off he was only in his boxers i changed into some shorts and and a plane white t shirt ''babe I feel really bad about that girl'' liam blurted out i lied next to him on the bed ''why?'' i asked '' well how did she manage to live by herself it's just sad she's a little girl'' he explained i sat up and looked him in the eye ''well babe maybe she wasn't by herself'' i said wondering about the same thing it's true how did she survive? ''okay but it's creepy if you think about it'' he said kissing my lips ''goodnight '' he said i cuddled up with him ''goodnight'' great now i can't sleep I wonder where she was living its weird I soon drifted to sleep slowly i woke up by the sound of birds singing outside i checked the time it was 10 in the morning we were going over to there house at 11 I forced myself out of bed quietly not to wake liam but as soon as a got up his eyes opened like if he wasn't even sleeping ''morning'' i said ''morning'' he yawned i walked to the bathroom and fixed myself up ''hey liam cam i borrow some basketball shorts for today?'' i asked ''check in my left drawer there should be some in there'' he said walking downstairs i walked to his drawers and opened it i found some blue and white basketball shorts i slipped them on they were pretty big so i rolled them up ''oh and lusy there is also a shirt in there that probably fits you it old so you can use it for today'' he yelled from downstairs i digged through his drawer and found a blue shirt with paint splash i put it on it was the perfect size i ran downstairs ''IT SMELLS GOOD'' i yelled and entered the kitchen liam was still in his boxers ''what a beautiful view'' i teased he smiled ''thanks i been working on my abs'' he joked i kissed his cheek and grabbed the plate of waffles and bacon and sat on the table and ate away liam sat next to me his plate only full of bacon i smiled we were both done ''hurry up so we can go i want to paint'' i whined liam walked slower up the stairs ''LIAM come on''i whined he laughed and ran up he came back down wearing almost the same thing i was wearing but in red and white 

we drove to ginger's house and walked in they were all sitting on the couch watching cartoon's ''hey aunt lusy and uncle liam'' lesley shot up from the sit and ran to us to hug us ''well hello '' i said hugging her back it was weird she called me aunt ''uncle?'' liam asked while putting her over his shoulders she smiled ''yeah we are all family right?'' she said giggling we nodded ''okay ready to paint?'' niall asked helping ginger off the couch ''yep'' i said and walking over to them to hug them '' okay lets go the paint is outside by the tree house'' niall said ginger stood beside me ''hey did you know lesley lived in this little cottage in the woods with a dog?'' she whispered i gasped has that dog taken care of her?  i asked myself ''i know what your thinking was that dog taking care of her yes he was '' she said in a surprised voice '' aww well its weird that she just left the dog behind '' i said she nodded in agreement we walked out ''lesley are you up there already?'' ginger and i yelled for her no answer we quietly walked up the ladder I heared whispering i picked trough a little hole and saw lesley and a big huge dog by her side ''shhh don't bark or make noise but i really think i like this family maybe i love them they are so happy and nice to me'' she whispered to the dog ''umm lesley honey''i said scaring her''please don't hurt him he wont do nothing his my best friend'' she said pushing him behind her ginger came up and gasped ''don't worry i promise his safe we won't hurt him'' i replied lesley sighed ''thank you i just don't want to lose him i love him'' she said hugging him ''lesley how long have he been up here?'' ginger asked ''since yesterday when yall let to the store i woke up and found him barking at the house so i let him in the tree house im really sorry'' she started to cry ginger and i hugged her ''oh don't cry babe its okay '' we calmed her down ''what's his name?'' 

i asked ''Ben his name is Ben'' she smiled ''he is trained i trained him'' she added ''oh really lets see'' ginger said smiling big '' okay ben heel,sit,lay down,play dead,and up''she said the dog heeled,sat,layed down, played dead, and stood up in two legs ''woah cool'' ginger said amazed ben heard a noise outside and ran out ''BEN NO '' lesley yelled but he didn't stop he was really big he jumped down from the tree and jumped on niall ''hey ben what's up'' niall said wait does he now about the dog ''im so sorry daddy he just jumped out'' lesley yelled ''its okay'' he yelled back ''niall you knew about this'' ginger asked he nodded ''last night when i went to put the paint in here i saw lesley whispering to someone so i went to see who and ben here thought i was a bad person so he jumped on me that's how we meet'' he laughed ''can we keep him?'' ginger yelled and crossed her fingers ''yea sure i have always wanted a dog '' he said '' and he can guard the house when im not here and protect my two pretty's'' he added 

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