Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


13. chapter 13

liam's p.o.v

''like what you see'' i said kissing her lips she nodded i slowly pushed one finger in her she moaned her walls got tight ''your already tight and i beraly put one finger in i like that '' i said ''more'' she moaned i put two fingers in she moaned louder i started to push in and out ''F...FASTEER'' she yelled i did as she tolled me and her moans turned into screams of pleasure ''liam just fuck me already'' she said grabbing on to her boobs i took my fingers out and slowly pushed myself into her i let her unjust to me '' MOVE LIAM '' she moaned i moved in and out really fast  her walls got really tight ''liamm my climax''she moaned then she came on my as i did too after her i laid next to her we were both breathing heavily ''that was amazing liam o my god'' she said between breaths

lusy's p.o.v

''i know babe'' he said putting his clothes back on i got up to my clothes back on too '' oh really liam you ripped my panties?'' i said angrily he laughed i walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower the water was warm and it felt good my under was hurting bad damn that liam as soon as i was done i wrapped myself in my towel and walked to liam's room '' liam where's my stuff?'' i asked after i saw my backpack was empty and the shopping bags were empty as well '' i put all your stuff in the drawer and closet while you were taking a shower love is that okay? he asked kissing my cheek i nodded in agreement ''my room is your room now okay love'' he said throwing himself on the bed i smiled '' okay babe'' i said putting on my underwear and bra i searched for some comfortable shorts to sleep in i found the red shorts that said kiss it where the butt was at i didn't feel like looking for a shirt so i put on one of liam's shirts that got to my mid thighs i turned to look at him he was smiling big '' what?'' i said in a girly voice '' oh nothing you just should wear my shirts more often you look really sexy in them'' he said i blushed i looked at the time it was only 8 p.m laid beside him '' it hurts i think we went to hard today'' i said turning to face him he kissed my lips '' but it was worth it right?'' he asked and gave me his puppy face i laughed '' yeah it was'' i sighed and closed my eyes for about 5 minutes once i opened them i was under the sheets and the sun was shinning right threw the window hitting my eyes what the heck did i fall asleep? i turned to see if liam was there but he wasn't i looked at the time it was like 10 in the morning i got up and went into the bathroom i brushed my teeth and took a shower i put on some jean shorts it was really hot today i put on a white tank top with white converse i walked down to the kitchen where i saw liam drinking tea i think ''good morning'' liam said standing from his chair i smiled'' good morning and kissed his lips they tasted like coffee so he was drinking coffee yum ''i want some'' i smiled he gave me a weird face ''coffee?'' he asked i nodded and we both laughed i went and sat down in one of the sits next to his he soon came in the dinning room  with a cup of coffee and toast he set it down in front of me and i smiled and thanked him with a kiss as soon as we were done he shot up from his sit and scared me '' what do you say we go to the fair that's opening today?'' he said with a big grin planted on his face i thought for a moment ''sure why not'' i finally said i got up and walked to the bedroom i went to go find a shirt to wear I found a cute purple top with white strips I put it on and walked to the bathroom were my make up was all over the counter and sink i gathered them all and put them in my makeup bag i took out black eyeliner and put some on followed by some mascara then i put my hair up in a high ponytail since my hair was so long it got to my butt i really need a haircut i then walked out to the living room and saw liam sitting there watching TV i cleared my trout he turned to face me ''you look stunning babe'' he said i smiled i wasn't expecting any comments i just wanted to go i have never been to a fair ''ready?'' he asked intertwining our fingers i nodded we got in the car and drove away ''have you been to a fair before?'' he asked ''nope'' i answered he looked at me and laughed '' this is gonna be fun'' he said i wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that but okay? i just smiled and looked out the window i saw a big circle thing going round and round '' that's a fairs wheel'' he said like if he read my mind ''oh its big'' i said gulping im not much of a heights person because of that one time my dad pushed me off the tall bed when i was little or maybe it was the fear of falling and dieing i don't know as soon as liam parked he ran to the other side to open my door ''thanks'' i thanked him                

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