Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


12. chapter 12

liam's p.o.v 

I walked to the kitchen to see lusy making herself a sandwich i wrapped my arms around her waist ''are you okay love?'' i said all sweetly i know she likes it she giggled '' yes babe im just making myself a sandwich while they are getting food" she smiled and turned to me i set her on the counter and made out with her she slipped her hand in my shirt feeling me that turns me on bad i pulled away she gave me her huh? face i smiled '' no no no just wait till i get you in bed''i teased she blushed and turned around to Finnish her food i slapped her ass she jumped a little i can tell she was smiling  i walked back to the living room and saw niall ''niall you okay buddy?'' i smiled and sat on the couch beside him ''yeah just a few scratches nothing big'' he said looking at ginger ginger gave him a weird face '' tell them what happened'' she said in a annoyed tone he sighed'' i was running behind ginger and i fell then her parents cached up and i tried getting up but i didn't know where ginger was so i ran straight to were there was a big fence and climbed it and i kinda meet new enemy's'' he said laughing ''yeah Mrs. Johnson big dogs'' ginger said laughing we all laughed they lusy came in '' so what did i miss?'' she asked sitting next to me I pulled her close to me i tolled her the story and she bursted out laughing '' really niall?'' she laughed niall sticked his tongue out at her i smiled '' wait until tonight babe its gonna be fun'' i whispered in her ear she blushed '' oh really what are you gonna do?'' she whispered back her words sent shills down my spin '' you will see'' i whispered  back but this time gently biting her ear lobe and pulling softly then i let go she was red '' stop liam you are...'' she got interrupted by zayn bursting in with food ''FOOD IS HERE'' niall shot up from the couch and grabbed a bag from zayn we sat in the table we chatted for a while then everyone headed home it was only me and lusy i smirked at the sight of her washing the dishes '' you don't have to wash them ill do it'' i said grabbing the soup off her hands she smiled '' but i want to help'' she whined and threw soap at me i laughed ans whipped the soap off my face ''oh okay its gonna go down to this huh?'' i said before she could run i grabbed her wrist and pulled her to my chest she looked deep into my eyes then i splashed water in her she lost focus and laughed she started to cry and she ran upstairs wow is she this sensitive i ran after her ''im so sorry lusy '' i said entering the room but she wasent there i looked at the closet and the little door was opened i went down there and there she was sitting on the couch her back turned to me '' lusy im sorry '' i said getting closer to her she turned and threw some ice cream at me she started laughing '' do you really think i would cry because off that liam please you know better than that'' she laughed 

lusy's p.o.v

I was laughing at him his face was all covered in ice cream i could see him smirking ''oh okay '' he said running to me he tackled me down on the couch '' you better clean this off of me '' he said i licked his cheek '' yeah all of it'' he smirked i licked all the ice cream off his face it was vanilla he leaned in and kissed me i kissed back and tackled him so he could be under me i kissed his neck i was looking for his sweet spot until i kissed one spot he let out a little moan i smiled'' found it'' i said and started putting love bits all over his neck  he smiled and i took his shirt off '' babe are you sure your ready?'' he asked making me smile i looked up at his eyes '' yeah liam im ready i promise i am'' i said giggling he smiled '' okay carry on'' he said tossing his head back on the couch i kissed down on his abs i reached the belt of his pants and looked up at him he nodded and i took them off of him he was only left in his boxers i could see his erection '' hey that's not fair'' i heard him say he stood up and i was sitting on the couch he came to me and took my shirt of and my pants came after he smiled'' i like how your matching'' he said sarcastically i was wearing a blue bra with yellow underwear i didn't feel like matching i smiled '' shut up you know you like it'' I said laying down on the couch '' i do'' he said throwing himself on top of me i gasped as i felt him trace his fingers down my stomach and into my spot '' your wet'' he smiled and never lost eye contact with me '' may I?'' he asked eagerly i nodded  he took my underwear off  i gasped as the cool air hit me i felt him unclip my bra I reached for the top of his boxers and took them off dang was that big he caught me staring ''like what you see'' he said kissing my lips i nodded i was to amazed to even speak     

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