Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


11. chapter 11

lusy's p.o.v

'' listen to me boy you do as i say and you wont get hurt'' she whispered ''no lady im not going to do anything with you get out '' liam whispered yelled he looked down and noticed we were looking through the vent i nodded to do as she said because i don't want anything to happen to him i know hes trying to protect me but no he doesn't have to he swallowed and let her touch him it hurt me so bad to see her touch him every touch burned me she unbuttoned his pants and took his dick out i gasped he was scared i could see it in hes eyes ''that's a good juicy one '' she said kissing his neck he pulled away and kicked her in the stomach he rani couldn't see anything all i could see was gingers mom blood on the floor and i heard screaming it sounded like my mom i herd the basement door open ginger and I ran to hide behind the fridge i saw niall and liam come in ''girls?'' niall whispered we came out our eyes where red and puffy liam ran to me and ginger ran to niall '' liam im sorry '' i apologized and started to cry '' hey its okay remember I would do anything for you'' he said kissing my cheek i smiled and hugged him niall had blood on his shirt '' what happened out there'' i whispered i kicked that woman and the stabbed her in the chest with the knife and i ran down here '' liam explained i looked at niall  '' and I threw a knife at your dad and it hit his trout'' niall explained looking at me that's good he killed my dad i  think ''COME OUT WHEREVER Y'ALL ARE BITCHES''  i heard my mom yell niall signaled us to go hide behind the couch and stay quiet we all l walked slowly over there and sat on the couch liam was holding me tight and whispering to me'' everything is going to be okay '' and ''i love you'' he really knew how to calm me down '' i called the boys to call the cops '' niall whispered and hugged ginger tight soon we heard footsteps getting closer and closer '' AHA'' i heard my mom yell while opening the closet door ''did you cover the small entrance to the basement?'' i whispered very low liam nodded '' COME OUT BITCHES'' gingers dad yelled annoyingly which made ginger jump a little niall tightened his grip on her and she threw her face in his chest i did the same to liam i could hear his heartbeat go faster and faster i rubbed his arm to calm him down then the footsteps were heard downstairs then we heard sirens ''there here'' niall whispered then we heard the door burst open '' HAND UP '' we heard a loud man voice yell ''ON THE GROUND''  we heard the man again i stood up from the couch and looked under the vent again and saw about 5 police men in the living room with all four of our parents my dad and gingers mom looked dead but i don't know gingers moms blood was dripping down the vent and into the bed which was really gross they took our parents out of the house with hand cuffs '' is it safe to come out?'' ginger asked  i looked at her and shrugged '' LIAM? LUSY? GINGER? NIALL'?''  it sounded like zayn's voice ''DOWN IN THE BASEMENT'' liam shouted we heard several footsteps come towards the closet and the little door swung open louis was the first one to come down the the rest of the boys came in ''is everyone okay?'' i police woman said coming in we all nodded except for niall  he stood up and showed the officer his arm it was bloody and there was two long cuts in them '' niall i didn't see that there '' ginger said standing up from the couch he turned to look at her '' i didn't want to worry you love'' he said smiling the police took him outside to the ambulance so they can wrap his arm we all walked up to the living room and sat down waiting for niall ginger was outside with niall '' what happened?'' Claire said walking in with the girls ''well our parents gave us an unexpected visit'' i said looking at perrie she came and gave me a hug ''are y'all okay?'' eleanor asked you could hear the worry in her voice ''yes we are fine'' liam said then zayn got up amd signaled perrie to go to the kitchen and perrie followed im guessing his going to tell her the story harry went to sit next to claire and hugged her i smiled they are so cute together '' that's how i like to see you happy'' liam said smiling and giving me a tight hug  i smiled and hugged him back ''okay guys perrie and i are going to go get food what do y'all want?'' zayn asked he looked a little mad we all decided on McDonald before zayn went out the door i grabbed his hand '' zayn can i have a word with you?'' i asked he nodded and followed me into the kitchen '' whats wrong?"' he asked i looked into his brown eyes ''are you okay?'' i asked him '' well its having a hard time with perrie and i think she wants to break up'' he admitted i smiled and gave him a hug '' everything is going to be fine okay '' i said trying to cheer him up  he smiled '' okay your right maybe we just have to work some thing out'' he said walking back to perrie i stayed in the kitchen to make something to eat it was like 2 p.m and i was starving i was to scared to eat when we were down in the basement and i didn't even finish my pancakes i was making myself a sandwich while we waited for our food to arrive when liam walked in '' are you okay love'' he asked an wrapped his arms around my waist i giggled '' yes babe im just making myself a sandwich while they are getting food'' i smiled and turned to look at him he set my on the counter and we made out i put my hand inside his shirt feeling his abs he pulled away and backed out '' no no no just wait till i get you in bed'' he teased uhhh how i wanted him so bad i smiled and got off of the counter he slapped my ass which for some reason turns me on i smiled and kept making the sandwich he walked to the living room after i was done eating i sat next to liam in the living room ''so what did i miss?'' i asked looking at niall and ginger niall had a wrapping around his arm  

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