Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


10. chapter 10

liam's p.o.v

''lusy wake up lusy wake up lusy lusy i love you wake up'' I said kissing all over her face she moaned and turned to look at me ''what Liam im sleepy'' she said with her adorable sleepy face ''oh come on sleepy head its 2 in the afternoon '' i lied it was actually like 11 in the morning ''no way''she said sitting up on the bed '' im kidding its 11'' i smiled she gave me a mad look ''oh come on it was just a joke'' i said pulling her feet '' no liam im sleepy and i want to sleep'' she said holding on to the pole of the bed i pulled harder and she let go falling in my arms '' liam your such a jerk'' she said laughing i smile and then remembered what happened yesterday at the party my smile went away '' whats wrong are you okay?'' she asked ''I just feel really bad about yesterday'' I admitted she looked straight into my eyes ''liam you were drunk I understand that you came back for me last night and I knew you actually cared about me'' she said hugging me tight ''but I shouldn't have made you cried like that I feel terrible'' I said kissing her forehead ''liam its ok just forget it'' she said looking straight into my eyes I faked smiled ''no liam I want a real smile forget it'' she said '' how do you know I was fake smiling?'' I asked surprised ''I know you really good liam'' she smiled which made me smile ''that's better'' she teased I pulled her closer to me and kissed her lips she kissed back we pulled away '' i love you lusy remember that if anything happens to you i will die i don't know what i would do with out you i love you so much'' i said pulling her into a tight hug '' i love you too liam and i know nothing will happen because your with me'' she said digging her face my chest ''i made you breakfast babe come on'' i said pulling her to the dining table she sat there i could see she was drooling on herself ''hungry?'' i asked with a smirk on my face ''YES im starving ''she yelled i laughed and put the plate of pancakes and eggs in front of her she gave me the biggest smile ever ''thank you babe'' she said shoving the fork in her mouth i smiled '' anything for you my love'' i smiled then there was a knock on the door '' ill get it just stay here'' i said as she was about to get up she nodded and kept eating i walked to the door and opened it ''W....WHERE...IS LUSY.Y.Y.Y'' ginger said running in the house '' WHATS WRONG''i yelled she started tripping over things as she ran to lusy ''LUSY THEY FOUND ME AND THE FOLLOWED ME HERE '' ginger screamed lusy dropped her fork and started to shake ''WHO?'' i was mad and scared ''ou...r parents'' lusy whispered i freaked out '' okay hold on okay come with me i know where i can hide y'all'' i said grabbing both of there hands and taking them into a closet i lifted up a pathway under the closet which lead to the basement ''okay stay here until i come back'' i said slowly closing the door '' wait liam'' i heard lusy say i lifted the door back up and looked at her  she came to me and kissed my lips ''i love you and be careful''she said pulling away i smiled '' don't worry i love you too''  i said back to her i turned to ginger '' wheres niall'' i asked she swallowed hard '' I..I..I don't know he tolled me to run so i did and he was running behind me then i lost him'' she said sobbing i nodded 'okay don't worry ill go find him stay here don't move everything you need to stay put for a while is down there okay loves be careful and be very quite if anything happens i want y'all to know that niall and i loved you both '' i said smiling i heard the front door open roughly i quickly but quietly closed the little door and put a carpet in top to cover the door and a chair i closed the closet door and walked slowly to the corner to see who was there


lusy's p.o.v

as soon as liam closed the door i started to cry ''lusy its okay everything is going to be okay'' ginger said pulling me into a hug '' oh who am i kidding there going to get hurt out there '' she added then also sat beside me crying quietly it was dark in here i got up and looked for the light switch and turned on the lights the lights slowly turned on ''whoa why didn't i know of this '' d trying to make myself stop crying ginger looked around and opened her mouth ''what the...'' was all she could say there was a big plasma TV and a hookey table in the middle of the room there was a couch it looked old but big and there was a fridge and a small table probably only tree people could fit in thee was a bed that looked queen sized and a cabinet full of movies i stood there in shock i there was a vent in the top i signaled ginger to follow me to the bed and she did i stood up and opened the vent air blew out and could hear voices from above us ''hello im Vicky we wanted to know if you have seen two girls around here the have gone missing we really miss them'' i heard gingers mom say '' no ma'am im sorry but i haven't if i do i will inform you'' i hear liam say back ''oh okay thank you '' gingers mom said in her unsecured voice '' um young man do you mind if we too a look around your house its so pretty'' i heard my dad say oh no i hope he doesn't let them please '' um im sorry maybe another time im really busy right now'' liam said i piked through the went to see what was going on and i saw my dad push liam lightly to the side and walk in so did my mom and gingers parents '' lovely home you have do you live alone?'' my mom said ''y..yeah i do '' liam stuttered i saw gingers mom check him out what a slut and she pushed him aside ''im going to talk to him real quick '' gingers mom said the rest nodded and walked to the kitchen ginger pushed me a little so she could see too ''what is she doing?'' ginger whispered I shushed her and looked up again gingers mom put her hand on his crotch and liam moaned a little and pulled away '' what are you doing?'' he asked furious she took out her knife and put it on his trout what the fuck is she doing to my boyfriend      

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