Life After Lies

That's all I've heard, and I've had enough. What happens when your amazing sunny side world comes tumbling down when you find out your whole life is made out of lies. That's what happened to me. When you find out everything in your whole life is made out of lies. You begin doubting if everything they told you is a lie. Who do you trust? Can you trust someone when your life is made from lies. All I know that your life is never the same after lies.


1. Life After Lies




That's all I heard. Every time they spoke to me, said they cared for me. Allowed me to trust them. Allowed me to think they loved me. All lies. They never loved me. They still don't. They don't care about me, and they never would. I hold the knife firmly in my hand, violently shaking with rage like an erupting volcano, that threaten to blow up. I clench my other wrist tightly. Then with a flush of the knife. A scar appeared on my wrist. I watched the crimson blood pour from the cut. I try and hold the tears back, that threatened to drop. The crimson blood drops onto the floor, like the wet raindrops that pattered on the window. I scream in pain. The pain hurt like the whole world tumbled upon me. The pain from the cut did not hurt as much as the words did. I can't believe I trusted them. I believed they loved me. I believed they cared. I thought that I was loved. What a joke that was? My whole world came tumbling down. When I realized that everything my family told me was a lie. They made me trust them, and I did. But now I realized that everything was a lie. All a lie. A memory comes to mind.

I stand up firmly on the door, and press my tiny ears to the door. I hear my parents argue with each other. My dad had come really late, and he was really different. Arguing, shouting, screaming. It was very scary, and I did not like it. Not one bit. I like the old daddy. The daddy that hug me, and buys me lots of presents. The daddy that gives me a donkey ride. The new daddy is horrible. He scares me. I hear things being thrown, and my daddy raise his voice. Suddenly the door opens. I fall on the floor, and land near my mother's toes. My mother picks me up, and looks at me.

"Alice. Have you been listening to mummy and daddy conversation?" mummy enquirers.

"Yes mummy. I'm sorry. I was just afraid in case daddy came scary man again." I told mummy.

"Your daddy won't be scary man ever again." mummy tells me.

Daddy walks over to me, and picks me up. He tucks a strand of my chocolate brown hair, and smiles at me.

"And you must remember something." Daddy began.
"What is it?" I ask.

"Never to lie." my parents chorus.

"I promise mummy. I promise daddy. From now on. None of us will lie." I tell mummy and daddy, who beam at me.

I shake that memory away. All lies. Tears trickle down my face. They told me not to lie, when really they were the ones that lied. I run down stairs, the knife in my grasp. I spotted my parents  laid on the sofa. Now's the chance. I walk quietly to them. First daddy. I place the knife swiftly under my father's neck. He gasps, and shakes violently. My mother woke up, and stared  at me in shock. She looked at my father, and stood up, and began inching away from me.

"Please no Alice. Please no." my mother begs.

"Shush. You told me not to lie. When you were the ones that lied all along. How could you?" I ask in anger.

"We're sorry. We didn't lie about everything. We do love you." my mother lies in fear.

"Shut up! Even when I'm going to kill you. You lie. You don't love me." I shout.

"I do!" mother gasps.

"You don't. You should never lie to me." I shouted, my hands grasped my mother by the neck and swiftly the knife scraped my mother on the neck. Plunging into her. Mother collapsed on to the floor. Crimson blood poured from her neck. She gasped, and shook violently. Her cold blooded dark blue eyes stared at me, as her life left her.

My little brother James. Who is six years old. Comes to the sitting room. He looks at mummy, then at daddy. Then at me with the knife.

"Why did you hurt mummy and daddy?" James asked.

I dropped the knife, and walked towards James. I pick James up, and looked at him.

"They lied to us James. They said they loved us. They didn't, and people who lie deserve to be punished." I told James.

"You should never lie." my brother James tells me.

"Yes. Lying can kill you." I answered, knowing I had answered a different question.


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