Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


4. weird morning

 I snuggled close to the thing beside me, and breathed into it. An unfamiliar smell came through. I opened my eyes, and saw a guy with curly hair laying next to me, with his arm wrapped around me. I jumped to the other side of the bed and looked at him. My sudden movement woke him up. "What the-" He started, slowly rubbing his eyes. "What the hell are you doing in my bed? You were supposed to stay on the floor, Harry." I said, getting up off of the bed. "You don't remember?" He asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. I shook my head. "Last night you had a really bad dream. You started whining and kicking your feet, almost like you were running. I didn't want you to scream or anything, because your parents would probably come in here, and catch us, so I got up off the floor, and came onto your bed. I tried to wake you up, but you are a really deep sleeper. You started whining again, so I grabbed you, and rocked you back and forth, trying to wake you up. Eventually, you woke up, crying. You looked at me for a couple seconds, before falling asleep on my shoulder. I didn't want to wake you up, or get any more bad dreams, so I just laid with you, until I accidently fell asleep." Harry explained. I listened carefully, and memories from last night flooded back into my mind. I was speechless. "Wow.... Nobody has ever done that for me. Gave up their sleep to make sure I was ok..... Thank you." I said, standing awkwardly next to the bed. He nodded, and stood up, wearing nothing but boxers. I walked to my closet, to get my outfit. It was a friday, so I went for something a little more casual. I got my denim skinny jeans, and my dark grey top that said 'I Like Cats' in black lettering. I got my knee high TOMS, and went to the bathroom, to do my hair and make-up. I straightened my hair, before putting it in a high ponytail, and did a light smoky eye for my make up. For jewlery, I put on a small necklace with a cross on it, and a ring with an arrow that wrapped around my finger. Harry put on his clothes from yesterday. Today, we were going to leave a little early, so Harry could go home and change. I checked myself in the mirror, before opening my bedroom door. "Stay here until I come and get you. Ok?" I said, quietly. He nodded, and put his shoes on. I gave a slight nod, then headed downstairs. "Good morning, Princess." My dad said, following his normal morning schedule. "Good morning dad." I said quickly, grabbing his lunch, and holding it out to him. "Thanks." He said, before quickly kissing my forehead and leaving. "Good morning mum." I said, grabbing a glass of apple juice from the fridge. "good morning. I just wanted to tell you, if that car in the driveway isn't gone by the time we get home, we are getting it towed. " My mum said, looking up from her brefcase. "Ok. That's fine with me." I said, grabbing a piece of toast. "Shoot. Look at the time. I got to get going sweetie. Don't be late for school." She said, getting up. She closed the door, and I heard a bang from upstairs. I ran up there, to see Harry on the floor. "Do you realize how lucky you are that my mum left?" I asked, helping him up. "Sorry, I tripped." Harry said, blushing. "Ok, let's go." I said, grabbing my bag. He nodded, and got his car keys. I slowly opened the door, and looked around. Both of my parent's cars were gone, and all that was in the driveway, was my car, and Harry's. He drove out first, and I followed behind him, until we went seperate ways, him to his house, me to the school. I parked in the same spot as yesterday, and headed up to the school building. It wasn't open yet, but there was still a student there. It was Liam. "Hey!" Liam said, walking over to me. "Hey." I responded, as he reached me. He walked me back to the door. "I missed you last night." He said, shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. I gave him a confused look. "You know, when we were texting.." He said, reminding me. "Oh, i'm sorry, Liam. Something urgent came up. I should be good tonight though." I said smiling at him. The school doors opened, and I walked with Liam all the way down the long hallway. "So what are you doing here this early?" I asked, smiling at him. "I come here every morning to run the track. It's a good stress free way to spend your time. Plus you get fit, and look like this." He said, lifting up his shirt, revealing his really toned abs. "Wow." I said, looking at them. He blushed and put his shirt down. "What are you doing here this early?" He asked as we turned to the athletics hall. "Uhm, I'm here for Volleyball try-outs." I said, looking into the gym with the net up. "Ah. Well, I have to go get changed. See you later?" He asked, pointing to me as he walked away. I nodded, and turned into the girls locker room. I changed into the volleyball outfit, which was short, black spandex shorts, and a tight blue tee shirt. I put on my tennis shoes, and the required bow in my hair, before running out to the court. I got on of the balls, and practiced my serving, because that's what I have the most trouble with. After about five minutes of that, other girls started pouring into the gym, and the coach followed behind. She blew her whistle. "Ok, girls. Let's work some drills. I did as I was told. I looked out the huge glass window, that had a view of the track. I spotted Liam, running way ahead of the other runners, barely breaking a sweat. The coaches whistle brought me back to her. "Great job, girls. You need to come by at the end of the day to find out if you made the team. Also, I need to let you all know, that if you are planning to try out for cheerleading, you need to come by either tomorrow, or in two days from now. Yes, you can be on both the volleyball team and the cheer squad. You are all dismissed." She finished, and we ran to the locker room. I put my hair up, and quickly washed my body off. I re-dressed in my clothes from this morning, and hurried over to homeroom. I saw Harry in the same spot as yesterday, crowded by a huge group of girls. His bag was sitting in my seat. "Harry I was wondering-" A girl started. "Not now." Harry cut her off, not ever looking away from his phone. I walked over to my seat. "Ah! There you are!" He said, pulling his bag off of my chair. I sat down, and the girls started walking away, giving me dirty stares along the way. "What's their problem?" I asked him. "They are jealous of you." Harry said, putting his feet up on the desk. "Jealous? Of me? Why?" I asked grabbing my pen out of my bag. "You get to sit next to me, and i'm actually paying attention to you." Harry said, smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, pulling his feet off of the desk. "You're so full of yourself." I said, looking at the problem we were supposed to solve. He shook his head. "Hey, you're the one that asked." He said, pulling his feet back up onto the desk. He put his sunglasses on over his eyes. "What are you doing?" I asked, setting my pencil down. "Taking a nap." He simply replied, breathing in deeply. I rolled my eyes again. It took the teacher ten minutes to notice Harry's feet on his desk. "Mr.Styles. Please get your feet off of your desk." She said sharply. I looked at Harry, who's mouth was slightly open.  I sharply hit his with my elbow, waking him up. "Huh?" He asked, wiping his eyes. I pointed to the teacher. She stood there with her arms crossed. Harry smirked, and pulled his feet off of the desk. "I'll also take your sun glasses." She said, holding her hand out. Harry smirked again, and slowly stood up, and walked over to her. Once he was close enough, he bowed down, and held the sunglasses out in front of him, causing the class room to erupt with laughter. The teacher took them from him, and sent him back to his seat. The rest of the day went pretty normal. We went to luch, where Harry wasn't there. "Where's Haz?" Louis asked, looking at the open seat next to me. I shrugged. "He got a lunch detention during Science." Zayn said, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Typical Harry." Liam said, in a low voice. After lunch, we went to choir. I stood next to Liam, again, and Harry was a few rows behind us. I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket. The teacher was in her office, so I quickly texted it. It was from Harry. I opened it. 'Hey Beautiful. Sorry I missed lunch.' I looked back at Harry, who was smiling. I glared at him for a minute. "Who was it?" Liam asked from my left. "Oh. It was just Harry. You know how he is." I said. "Oh." Liam said, in a lower voice. He looked back at Harry, as the teacher came back out. "Ok, everyone. We have a competition coming up, so I need to put you all in groups of four. She started reading names off of her list, until she got to my group. "In Kylie's group, Liam Payne, Perrie Edwards.... and.... hmmm..." She said, scanning her list. I was really excited about my group. Liam looked at me and smiled. "And Harry Styles." She said, finishing out group. Liam's smile faded, and one grew on Harry. She finished reading the rest of the names off the list. "I'm going to need all of you to find a place to practice, and pick your song. You have the rest of class to get with your group, and figure it out." The teacher finished. Harry and Perrie came over to Liam and I. "Ok, so what's the plan?" Harry asked, casually shoving his hands in his pockets. "Well, Kylie, your parents are rich, right? So you have to have a big house! Do you think your parents would be ok with it?" Perrie asked. "Yeah! And you have that music room!" Harry bursted out. My stomach flipped. "How would you know?" Liam asked in a hard voice. "Well, it just makes sense.." Harry tried to cover himself. "True." Perrie said, believing his theory. "Do you?" Liam asked, not paying attention to Harry. "Yeah I do, and i'm pretty sure we could do it at my house. I'm going to need your number though, Perrie." I said,
 looking away from Liam. "Yeah sure, can I see your phone for a minute? I'll put it in for you." She asked, reaching her hand out. I pulled my phone out and gave it to her. She clicked my phone on and laughed. "What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Looks like our little Harry over here has a crush." She said, giggling. Harry blushed, and looked at my phone. I forgot that I never opened the text, so it still appeared on my lock screen. Liam stared at him. Harry cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Liam, Harry and I sighed of relief. Perrie finished putting her number in my phone, and I hurried off to the gym to find out if I made the volleyball team. The letters were scattered all over the gym, and I looked for my name. After finding it, I hurried off to my car, and drove home. My parents still weren't home yet. I ran upstairs to my room, and opened the letter slowly. I pulled out the sheet of paper, and looked at it. It was still folded up. I wanted to open it so bad, but something was holding me back. I stared at it for a little while, before giving in and opening it. I looked at the top. I read one word. 'Congratulations'. I jumped around my room. "YES!!!" I yelled! Jumping around still. I was so happy. I went downstairs, and decided to work on my music. I plugged in all my equipment, and grabbed my guitar. I started playing 'The Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars. I pressed the record button, and lowered the mic a little. I strummed a few of the chords on my guitar, and started singing. I saw a dark figure standing in the doorway. The song ended. "Harry, what are you-" I started but I was interupted. "You were great... Wait, did you just say Harry?" Liam asked from the doorway. "Liam! What are you doing inside of my house?" I asked, turning everything off, before putting my guitar up. "Answer me first." Liam asked, following me around. I sighed, and searched my head for a valid reason. Nothing. "I really don't know. I just figured that would be something he would do." I said, looking at Liam's shirt, avoiding his shirt. "Ok." He said, but he didn't seem convinced. "So, now you answer." I said, changing the subject.  "Well, I came over to talk about the choir thing, plus I kinda wanted to hang out with you outside of school. I knocked on the door, then I heard singing. I checked the door, and you left it unlocked, so I just followed the music. You were really good. Bruno Mars, right?" He asked, smiling. "Yeah, it was. And thank you. I don't want to be rude or anything, but you have to go. I'm not allowed to have people over without my parents knowing about it." I said, locking the music room door behind me. "I'm sorry. I probably should have called first. I'll text you though." Liam said. "Great." I smiled back, walking him to the door. Right as we reached the door, my mum opened it. "Who is this?" She asked. I looked at Liam's face for an answer. "You have a lot of explaining to do." She said,crossing her arms.

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